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  • Because they are cute

    They are cute and cuddly and the keep you company they are wild and ram buncos but some people get use to that and if people disagree that is their opinion so have at that. They are not that expensive if you think about it and they are gate friends.

  • The good part

    A monkey would be good because if you think about it, they aren't that expensive. A child costs a fortune but a monkey needs food, a bed, maybe some toys, care, attention, and other extras like that. But a child is school, home, big bed, toys, soo much attention, exercise, food, drinks, clothes, classes (dance, hockey etc). Just like dogs, they can be trained and taught. My puppy at first went to do her business everywhere in the house including the bedrooms on the carpet. But after around 1 year, she learned. I read that monkeys are very smart. On my trip to Mexico, we were next to the jungle and we saw a monkey on a least. It was with its owner and they let us hold it. It was fully grown and super tiny. My family and I held it on our shoulders and all it did was hold onto our finger. The kind I want and am getting is the same kind in Mexico. The king also is NOT harmful.

  • Every animal for a pet is good!

    Of course it is every animal for a pet would be satisfactory why wouldn't you want it? I'm a tarantula hobbyist some people would think i'm crazy , and say they're poisonous, but they're not, and are fun to be around. In other words if you like monkeys then why not.

    Posted by: yvoo
  • Fun to be around.

    Monkeys might be crazy but they can become a great friend, sometimes even best friends. They appear very happy to become a member of your family. Monkeys are quite clever and also keep you entertained by their naughty activities. If you teach them the right stuff from when they are a baby they might not harm you later on.

  • Not a good idea

    I think that it is generally a bad idea for the reasons stated by others although I have met at least one individual who seemed committed to providing a quality home to a pet monkey. Their intelligence is part of the problem; these animals are very social and they require a great deal of social interaction just as humans do. There needs for this go way beyond what is needed for cats and dogs. This also exceeds the capabilities, commitment, and knowledge of most pet owners. It is the equivalent of torture to neglect this instinctual need. Baby monkey quickly grow into adult monkeys. These animals are fascinating and appealing but they are best left in the wild or in the care of professionals.

  • A higher intelligence

    Monkeys, and other exotic pets, usually display several aspects of highly intelligent existence. As the life of a pet can be boring for even less intelligent animals, the keeping of such developed creatures as playthings is abominable. Not to mention the rarity of monkeys in the wild, quite endangered indeed!

  • To much sweetness is not good for health.

    The sweet looking monkeys might look helpless and seems that they are human infant but these sweet little babies grow up as an difficult adult and as the general rule adult monkeys are never a good pet. The main thing about them is their intelligence that makes them special and a very challenging pet

  • Their sweetness is not good.

    They appear so sweet and helpless, and seem so much like human infants in many ways. However, those sweet babies grow up into difficult adults, and as a general rule adult monkeys do not make good pets. Their intelligence makes them special, but ultimately makes them very challenging pets.

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