Are mooslims more prone to suicide bomb naturally?

Asked by: Arnold_Benjaman
  • Muslims are evil beings

    Muslims (or as I call them, Mooslims) are evil beings that suicide bomb for fun. They create cults like ISIS and Al-Queda just to kill people. All muslims should be eradicated in a similar manner as the jews, except we have more effective torture techniques now, so that's a bonus. Muslims can't do labor like the jews, all they do is pray to a box (http://en.Dailypakistan.Com.Pk/world/muslims-across-europe-us-and-gulf-celebrating-eidul-azha-today/), so they are practically useless. All they do is suicide bomb, suicide bomb, suicide bomb. Even the kids practice by killing themselves
    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

  • Islam hates America, but loves bombs.

    Look, Im not anti-muslim or anything.. But I seriously hate them! They are trying to steal our children, strap them to bombs and then send them on airplanes to crash them into the twin towers! In the great words of el Chapo: "Muslims are bad". There is a deep meaning to this quote, but I would rather not get into it too much. Muslims are what is going to create WWIII because they are sand-monkeys trying to claim land. Any one who is muslim, convert to Christianity now because or else ISIS will get into your brain, they will reprogram you. Then you will crash into the twin towers, again. Even though 9/11 was not a big deal, we really don't want another one. Think bigger!

  • Yes because there dumb

    They have been trying to fight back and that is suicide bombing which is dumb since their picking there self's of instead of their opponent and are just will to kill themselves just for nothing and so that is my statement that i have just made so thank you guys.

  • The Qu'ran is violent

    This is simple- just because something else is bad and violent does not excuse the violence of something else; if anything it just illustrates the toxic nature of religion as a whole. If you have a look at the recent report by Trevor Philips (the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission) who shows the inconvenient truth about the values of muslims in the UK, it was broadcast as a documentary a couple of days ago and was widely reported in the Spectator, the Sunday Times and other respectable magazines.
    I completely disagree with premise of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; however, I do not believe that because of an invasion, no matter how bad, an entire generation can be excused by liberal westerners who try to find justification in their mass genocide and slaughter all over the world. This is unacceptable nonsense that cannot be allowed to propagate- a person does not gain the right to kill people no matter how grievously they have been wronged.

    However, moving back to the Qu'ran this killing is sanctioned by the Qu'ran 5.32-

    if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people:

    We have definitely spread mischief in their land so they can kill us.

    This is where he becomes hypocritical, having started the article as an Islamic apologist, he then descends into awful rhetoric where he admits that it is violent (destroying his claim that it is peaceful) and tries in vain to tell us that there is the occasional happy verse, amongst those advocating the stoning of adulterous women or the decapitation of non-believers- that makes the entire book better, right?

    One cannot end an article by saying that Islam is violent but that is ok because one can interpret it. How wrong can one be? In all other religions there is room for interpreting the texts because they were written by humans and so can be fallible, this is even admitted by the Vatican and the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, Islam is not the same; the revelations that came to Muhammad are one of two things, they are either false, which throws 2 billion people's faith into chaos, or they are truly the divine words of an omniscient God. The former is the scariest possibility because it sets up the text as being truly holy, in which case we must all do our best to follow it to the letter because it is God's will. These are the reasons why it is impossible for Daniel Hayes, or almost anyone, to be a true muslim because he does not subscribe whole heartedly to the literal word of God. This is the crux of the argument; although all religions are guilty of a lot of evil in their time at least they do not claim to be infallible and are openly admitted to be open to interpretation.

  • Mooslims are Hot, Hot, Hot.

    A...Hello? Who ever said that suicide bombing was a bad thing? I, a being who worships the Gods of Ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, and the Thuggees, I believe that all children under the age of 5 (especially women) should strap a good ole' bomb to their ass and walk into a crowded place full of hundreds or thousands of innocent lives. We shouldn't blow up people like Beluga and Dr. Arnold though. I have special rituals planned for their bodies!!

  • Are Christian's more prone to obesity?

    Many people know that America has an obesity problem, but did you know its caused by Christianity? That's right, the dominant religion in obese countries like America is Christianity, leading world class researchers to believe Christians are indeed more prone to die from obesity, because religious preference definitely has an influence on their eating habits. I mean if being a Muslim can influence people to want to blow themselves up, then its easy to see how Christianity could influence our lust for deadly hamburgers, so much so that the Catholic Church had to make a 40 day fast every year, just to cut down on those calories.

  • Muslims Promote Peace, Not Violence.

    It is a common misconception, especially since 9/11, that Muslims as well as the religion of Islam is evil and that they- as said by many people with a rooted hated towards them (Muslims)- are going to have this want to kill all people in the world. This is not the case.

    With this hatred towards them set by racists and others around the world as well as this idea that when an Extremist attacks an unarmed person they are immediately doing this in the name of their religious cult.

    Please read this to know that this is the truth of Islam:



    When the Christians began to purge the regions surrounding them with the Crusades, was that not Extremism? It clearly was and that is what people, especially Arnold_Benjaman and his bigoted views (and fake accounts), seem to forget.

    Islam is not evil, Islam is good and is that of the same,if not like, beliefs as compared to other religions.

  • Muslims are not evil

    They are misunderstood and are only doing acts of suicide because they're cause is everything to them and they'll do anything to achieve it but this also goes for anybody in that position if all Christianity were pushed to be illegal then all the Christians will do anything for there cause.Muslims arent evil there just being faultlessly accused by ignorant Americans (im american)

  • Islam is a religion of love

    Most people think that Islam is a barbaric religion that cut off peoples heads just to love Allah. Um, I don think you guys realize this, but Christianity nailed people to a post through their hands and left them there for days. All of the people who blow themselves up are Islam, they are barbaric, but they are EXTREMISTS! There are lots and lots of different branches of Islam, and some are barbaric. But, most of Islam is about peace, and loving. Sure they do not like ¨Infidels¨ but most branches won´t blow themselves up with them.

  • No no no

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  • No. Absolutely not.

    You need to stop living in this bullshit world of ignorance where Christianity is the only pure thing on this God for saken planet. True Islam, like true Christianity teaches people to love each other and create an environment where there is enough love to go around for everyone. But you wouldn't know that because you haven't taken the time to learn about the Muslim people and their religion, or yours. You don't know what Christianity is or what the mission is: to spread love and not shit on the world with your hate and ignorance.

  • What are mooslims?

    I personally have no idea what mooslims are. I therefore can't say outright that they are more prone to suicide bomb naturally, although I don't think that any group of people is more prone to do so. I also don't know how you you'd be more prone to suicide bomb naturally. Go away you bigoted idiots.

  • Absolutely Not *Muslims

    People are born with different colors (skin, hair, and eyes) but they are still born as humans.
    Depending on the area in which they live, i.e. their surroundings they will grow up to live a certain way/lifestyle.
    Muslims can be of every race and ethnicity. So your question can go in many ways. Are white Muslims prone to suicide bomb naturally? No. Are middle eastern Muslims prone to suicide bomb naturally? No. Now that color and race are out of the way. I can tell you that suicide bombers can be of any race, color, and or background. What perpetuates suicide bombings is anger, and terrorism of the individual.
    A true Muslim are of the furthest people to commit such an act.
    The holy book (Quran) states the following :
    “…if any one killed a person, it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of mankind…” (Chapter Five, Verse 32).
    To pull out answers from this verse means that a Muslim cannot even kill one person (unless there was a legitimate reason, which is permissible in every religion and society itself i.e. the death penalty.
    So a suicide bomber has only declared himself against the faith of Islam, and by doing so is no longer a Muslim, just a liar, and a hypocrite.

  • What a stereotype

    No. It all has to do with how they are raised and/or how susceptible they are to outside influences, like ISIS. Saying they are more likely to commit suicide bombings is like saying all Whites are racist. Now I know there have been a lot of terrorists attacks lately by Muslims, but that doesn't mean they are all bad.

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