Are more kids getting in trouble when they have strict parents?

Asked by: angelica.ray6
  • Yes! Be More Lenient

    Yes, definitely! I have a friend whose parents kept her so tightly wound that when she finally did get some freedom she went crazy! She became obsessed with guys and smoking weed and drinking. Parents need to realize that it isn't always the best to have so many rules. It is okay when it is needed but not unnecessary rules. Strict parents make sneaky and rebellious children.

  • Strict parents create rebel/ antisocial kids

    I'm a 16 year old and I never get to do anything. My mom yells at me or makes me do things that I don't want to do. I have no freedom, whatsoever. I can't go to my bestfriend's house for 1 day. I don't leave my room a lot and I try to avoid any interaction with her. I get A's and B's and keep my mouth shut. I hate not being able to do anything, so when she's gone I leave the house and come back when ik she's almost home. I'm sick of eveything!

  • They are total jerks!

    There are the parents that everyone loves. The ones that are nice and let you have whatever you want (As long as it's reasonable). They the only ask that you don't burn the house down. Strict parents labor you all day and only give you the basics. I have a friend who had parents that grounded him for a day if he did not do all 12 of his chores. (He was 14 years old, and no physical violence. CPS- not needed). I've seen nicer serial killers than his parents.

  • Parents are the problem

    Parents who are very strict with their kids, the kids are more likely to try and rebel. Between teachers yelling at us all day, what every kid wants is for their parents to be uptight and demanding them to do things when they walk in the door. Not really! Kids, of all ages, just want parents who support them in their choices, not command them to do something they hate or despise. Parents need to lay off and give their kids some breathing room, after all they're the ones who raised them so they should trust that they taught their kids the right thing

    Posted by: fru
  • So true !

    I have really strict parents growing up ! Im 21 now but growing up as a kid suck fat ass black hairy std's balls ! But i would always sneak in my moms room and take stuff when i was a minor i had 6 theft charges on me ! But it made me sneaky for some reason

  • Kids and strict parents

    When a kid has strict parents they tend Get in more Trouble. I know from experience that kids get in more trouble. When you have parents that give you some freedom most kids try not to get in trouble so that they dont lose their moms/dads trust. Strict parents make sneaky kids...

  • Parents set their kids course

    The stricter of a parent the more likely that you'll be afraid of them and to tell them the truth. Therefore one would become sneakier and lie more often, Most likely becoming paranoid and forming trust issues leading to mental illness. They'll try to hide thing, When getting caught they'll remember learning from their mistakes making them smarter. Remembering their parents tricks and making their own, To where they can outsmart them.

  • They tend to rebel more.

    I know because i am one. My parents are so strict about the playstation that now I feel like the only times I can play is if I'm sneaking it. If anyone has advice on what to do I'd be very appreciative. If parents just let off a little, Then kids will be less likely to disobey

  • Yes, Very True

    I am from a different culture than Americans and my parents are strict and controlling. Talking back can mean a lot of bad things, so I keep my mouth shut and hold everything in. Considering they want me to be something that I don't want to be in the future, I have my plate full, but I still don't say anything because I'm afraid. I don't go out at all and I'm always in the house because they never let me go anywhere. But my big brother, however, has the time to sneak out. I know he smokes, because he reeks of it every time he comes back home at night. But I dare not do something like that for fear of my parents.

  • It is true

    I'm 15 and i'm a guy and my parents are so strict i just got my phone and a laptop this year because i needed them for school. My parents are so nosy and invasive i can't even close the door to my room, they won't even let me bring electronics out of the kitchen unless i have a super valid reason, and i have always gotten A's because they hovered over me, and they expect it now, but when they back off I get worse marks, (which are still low A's and high B's) but they say if i don't get satisfactory marks, like 90ish that they will make me pay for sports and stuff, but if i do get it there is no reward. I start to feel more rebellious because i get into trouble for stuff that no one else does because no one else has those rules to break and now my parents don't trust me and think of me lowly and i blame it all on them

  • No not really.

    Kids that have strict parents do get in trouble, but that does not mean all the kids with strict parents are more likely to get in trouble. I think it is about 50/50 some kids are more afraid of getting in trouble with the parent since they know the parent is strict, others want to rebel more.

  • No they don't

    I have strict parents and I don't get into trouble. All the time my dad says do this, do that. I seem like a slave. I go to Meyzeek Middle school in Louisville KY and I have never had lunch detention, ISAP (In School Adjustment Plan,) or any other type of trouble.

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