• Yes ! !

    Chicago has one of the worst homicide rates in the United States. Just like everywhere there should be strict action on stopping crime, murders, robberies all the things that make up a criminal. The more action took and the more it is looked into the more we can prevent it getting worse.

  • yes more work needed

    After over 500 murders in Chicago in 2012, the Windy City’s violence epidemic continues 2013 saw the deadliest January in over a decade and continues to make national news. The New York Times, for example, ran a recent piece noting how Chicago’s strict gun laws can’t stem the tide of violence.

  • Need more guns

    Yes, a lot more measures are necessary to lower the gang crime rates in Chicago. One good way would be to allow all citizens to carry a firearm to defend themselves. This would cut the crime rate that the gangsters commit down by a huge percentage, but the government wont.

  • Yes, more measures are needed.

    Chicago has one of the worst homicide rates in the United States and is second in gang activity behind Los Angeles. A lot has to be done here. Stricter gun laws are one, neighborhood outreach programs are another, and gun buy backs are a third. Of course, there are many other methods too.

  • No, an increased police state only magnifies acts of resistance.

    More enforcement measures are not the answer to gang crime rates in Chicago, or in any other area. Often, street-level violence that is sensationalized by the media is actually the result of too much regulation and enforcement, not too little effort from law enforcement. The War on Drugs is an excellent example of how increased enforcement pushes drug trade into black market economies, which gives rise to more violent interactions among distributors and customers. Decrease surveillance and enforcement, and the need for youth to be affiliated with a protective group of peers will also decrease.

  • More Measures Necessary

    I personally think that the more the measure the higher the gang crime rates go up in Chicago. I personally think that the more measure the more Chicago gang crimes rates are going up because every year the measure go up. I personally think that it has affected people around Chicago as well as families because the measures increased tremendously.

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