• Yes, I believe that more terror attacks are imminent in Europe.

    Yes, I believe that more terror attacks are imminent in Europe because ISIS has proven to be skilled at influencing displaced Muslims to commit atrocities without having any direct contact to these individuals. I think that more Muslims will be radicalized and carry out attacks in the name of the Islamic State.

  • Not just Eurpoe, but everywhere

    Terror attacks are imminent across the globe these days. There is never a time to let your guard down, and we can never assume full security, no matter what country or continent we live in. Terrorists are extreme and will do whatever it takes to carry out their attacks, and this is not going to come to a stop any time soon.

  • More terror attacks are imminent in Europe

    More terror attacks are imminent in Europe as well as the rest of the world. Islamic extremism is a real problem and nobody is safe from its catastrophic effects. It is a mindset that is next to impossible to stop. Unless the world collectively acts together we are in real trouble.

  • Unfortunately yes if we don't take more precautions

    It's sad that we may all have to start taking on the philosophy of Israel where everywhere we go we have security check point and people searching us for weapons. But while there are terrorist organizations out there who are using the Internet as tool to recruit new members this what we have come to. I'm sad to say there will probably be more in Europe and even the United States, unless we figure out away to stop taking these things too lightly. We need to live by the philosophy of prepare for the worse and hope for the best, not the philosophy of being blindsided than cleaning up the mess after the tragedy occurs.

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