• They are the product of indoctrination

    Every Mormon Elder that has stepped through my front door seems to be reading from the same script. If asked hard questions, or unfavorable questions they are quick to fall back on professing to know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God and that Joseph Smith is the true prophet of Christ.
    If you study cults and the methods of brainwashing individuals this should set of warning bells for you.

  • Yes they are brainwashed, the whole church is.

    Fast and testimony meeting is the easiest example of Mormon brainwashing that I can think of. The mormons starve themselves, weaken themselves physically and mentally. They then go in front of the whole congregation and repetedly tell each other that they are the only true religion with the only true god ect... Effectively brainwashing each other.

  • Yea they are

    I grew up in a Mormon family. Being a lesbian that wasn't the easiest thing for me. My whole family hated me except for my brother who loved me unconditionally. But then he went on a mission and when he came back he kept talking about how he could help me "get over it" and if I prayed enough I could change. I felt so abandoned. My brother had left and never came back. He was replaced by a carbon copy just like the rest of the brainwashed Mormons. So yes, they're all brainwashed.

  • Definition of brainwashing

    How can opponents say they aren't brainwashed. If you are being brainwashed then you won't know it.

    Definition of brainwash:
    a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, especially through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.

    The Mormon Church applies brain washing by teaching that: Nothing is ever God’s, church leaders‘, or the church’s fault. It is always the fault of the member’s behavior or a misunderstanding of church doctrine, or that Satan has led you in the wrong direction. This is a carryover of brain washing from Joseph Smith, the founder of the church, who was very clever in always making the person feel guilty and responsible when he fails or questions church policy. Bishops and other church leaders generally give the same responses that Smith made to his followers.

  • The Foundation of Latter Day Saint's religion is Ffalse

    Mormon missionaries make a big deal about the Book of Mormon as being the "keystone" of their religion. I submit that the book is a Plagiarized Fiction in addition to being the "Word of God" by LDS standards is False: therefore, doctrine and belief is tainted. Mormon missionaries never give clear Objective Answers to questions but dredge up something from the BOM or if the question is about a controversial doctrine give a "robotic" response about "new revelations revealed to the prophet". They exhibit almost text book "brainwashed" behavior.

  • When faced with Facts they prefer faith and feelings

    Faced with indisputable facts, Mormons will say, that is of little consequence as the spirit has borne witness to the truth of what they believe. Try asking mormon missionaries questions about incorrect translation of The Book of Abraham, Joseph Smith's polyandrous marriages, the hoax of the Kinder Hook plates and they will feign no knowledge of these, or say they dont have all the answers , but to pray and the Lord answers everything. All learned responses!

  • Every response is scripted...

    As someone who has studied Mormonism extensively, and even engaged in spirited debate with missionaries at my invitation, I will go out on a limb and say "yes". There is a manual, available online or in many publications released by former Mormons, that is the handbook and guide to what Mormon missionaries are to say in any given situation, and with every question. While the actual encounter with missionaries may be somewhat spontaneous, certain questions or lines of inquiry are expected to be followed by a highly regimented and SCRIPTED dialogue. The reasons for this are obvious, once one knows a lot about the Mormon faith - there are far too many contradictions and pitfalls that the potential missionary can fall into regarding the history of the LDS church as well as former and current doctrine that would be very embarrassing and lead to a negative proselytizing experience were the missionary not taught how to "spin" the narrative into a favorable light. Unfortunately for the missionaries, updated versions of this manual are being constantly released by disgruntled former members, giving the person who wishes to challenge their faith the upper hand, since going into the encounter, you know their responses and can guide the conversation into alleys where all the missionary can do is fall back on their 'escape pod' of the profession of their belief, which usually goes something like "well, I don't know how to answer your questions, but I know that I prayed on weather Mormonism was true, and I received a FEELING that tells me that it is..." sounds like brainwashing to me.

  • You could drag this out on a limb and say that every successful religion brainwashes.

    How does a religion become successful in the first place? By propagating effectively.

    How do you propagate effectively? Exploit basic human emotions.

    Exploit Fear: Give them something to fear ( Satan, hell, etc.)
    Label: Label anything that goes against your agenda with that fear word.
    (For instance, "Gay Marriage is a lie of the devil". This sentence evokes fear or disgust, and promotes the agenda in one sentence.

    Exploit Desire: Give them something to want (Heaven)
    Label: Tell them what will give them that reward. Make them completely -obsessed- with that reward.
    (For instance "Strap this bomb on. It will put you in the greatest part of Heaven." This sentence evokes inspiration and courage, despite absence of critical thinking. A perfect way to make someone a pawn.

    Exploit Guilt: Make them feel guilty about anything you disagree with.
    Label: "Masturbation will make you feel guilty." As uncanny as it is, this sentence can and will evoke guilt when someone is entrenched in it's idea.

    I don't know about you, but I would agree that most modern interpretations of brainwashing would constitute Mormonism (and successful religion in general) to be a brainwashing process.

  • Of course they

    Are believers in ridiculous fairytales who persist in adulthood In believing in this hogwash of the first order .Where I live there aren't many( Ireland) although last year two it has to be said very nice but quiet obviously insane individuals tried to convert me whilst sporting permanent grins normally associated with the imbecilic ( in this case right) hasten to say I declined there kind offer .... They do dress well.

  • My husband went

    He went because it was expected and he'd receive the blessings of heaven. But the whole things pushes men into a full immersion of the religion. They can only read, watch, or do missionary approved activities. This is somehow super Holy and allows you to "feel the spirit" constantly. Then they have to go and teach the same lessons and give their testimony all the time, which the more you say something the more you believe it. They are taught that those who don't understand or don't follow are being influenced by Satan. And anything contradiction to the church is a lie. They are forced to defend the church for 2 years, thus in training the ideas into their susceptible brains forever.

  • Brainwashed is only the surface

    It may seem crazy from the outside, but you don't have to go at all. If you said no, no one would drag you, drug you or force you there. It is true that there is some pressure within the church for males to go. It is more like the pressure to go to college however. I know many people who did not go on their mission. However, they may seemed brainwashed cause they really want to go and teach people about God so they study a lot. Sometimes they have to learn a new language. Its not easy. You're leaving for two years. Its stressful for them but they do it cause they are eager for the experience.
    Source: I am a young woman who has been through many religions and just recently checked out the lds church for myself.

  • Our son is a man with his own decisions and is growing day by day

    Our son makes his own decisions and him wanting to serve a mission was his and his alone. He has shared with us that while it is tough it is the best decision he has made to this point in his life. He is growing day by day, and wouldn't change the experiences he is having for anything. He is learning to be serve others purely out of love, he is gaining an understanding of the pure love our Heavenly Father has for his children.

  • Done out free will.

    You only have to go on a mission if you want to. No one is forcing Mormons to do it, and the mission rules are set in place for a reason. The point of a mission is to serve god, not to do whatever you want while hanging out in another state or country. A mission is a service that is a choice, but is strongly encouraged.

  • Of course not.

    Mormons are not brainwashed, never have been and never will be. Missionaries decide to go on missions because they want to. They do their best to answer your questions, and yes, are fallible. But that doesn't mean they are Brainwashed. No. My advice to you is to listen to what they have to say, and see what your instinct tells you.

  • Enlightened mind .

    I had a great experience on my mission! Instruction I received was top notch and prepared me to live on my own in unfamiliar territory. Really, the instruction is no different than at college. Ha! Those that think there is brainwashing going on most likely believe college brainwashes society along with the government and the press... The truth is I met people from all over the world with different backgrounds and view on life. Great preparation for life.

  • Doesn't meet the definition provided

    I'm looking at the definition provided in one of the "yes" replies:
    Definition of brainwash:
    a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, especially through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.

    The reply continues down the path without mentioning any kind of torture, drugs, or psychological stress techniques such as those just released by the US Senate Report on CIA torture.

    The Mormon religion teaches that drugs, alcohol, and smoking are bad. Keep your mind clean from pornographic addictions. Get an education - they have a perpetual education fund to send people to universities.

    The question here is if any of the defined items are prevalent in Missionary service that would not be prevalent in a work abroad program such as humanitarian service. First, no drugs...Sorry, against the mission rules...A lack of drugs is somehow a form of mind control???
    Second, no torture...No football hazings...It's against the mission rules...A lack of hazings is somehow a form of mind control???
    Third, psychological stressors. This will pose the greatest question for people who are looking at this objectively. How do you determine whether or not a psychological stressor is a form of mind control. I suggest looking at the US Senate report on torture to determine the level of psychological trauma required to break a person. This is not your run of the mill kind of mental stress. I work for an avionics company that requires significant amount of over-time without pay. This is a huge psychological stressor for me. Is my work trying to brainwash me??? Let's return to the Mormon Missionary who is required to get respectable amounts of sleep per mission rules. They are required to exercise in a much less stringent way than the military. They pay their own way and voluntarily provide service to communities in spite of people who spit on them, constantly tell them they are wrong from day to day, and often have people thrown various items with different levels of lethality at them. I'd have to say that these psychological stressors are not originating from some totalitarian regime, unless you consider generally uninformed and grumpy people to be part of that regime.

    So, per the definition provided by the "yes" group, I would have to conclude there are a significant number of failings and contradictions in the argument. I say, No, Mormon Missionaries are not brainwashed.

  • Of course not.

    You could say that about any religious person who wants to share their beliefs with others, but more commonly than not, Mormons are seen to be one of the only religions who "brainwash" their missionaries. To say that the missionaries are brainwashed would be to say that we as Mormons do not give everyone the chance to learn for themselves and, if they wish to, leave the church. The Mormon church only asks missionaries to serve if they have a sincere desire to convert others to their beliefs. Claims that the way they are required to study is an attempt to brainwash them, but nobody will want to believe if the people teaching them don't know what they are talking about.

  • Hard to brainwash when a person can choose for themselves

    Interesting that people think and believe that Mormons are brainwashed. I am a convert to the faith and I can say if I felt at any time to separate myself or leave the faith I would be able to. How can one do that if they are brainwashed? The church isn't perfect it's made mistakes on the policies and cultural aspects of things but on doctrinal aspects I don't know of any faith that teaches an encompassing doctrine regarding the Atonement of Christ. In all brainwashed is a harsh term to use, I know most missionaries that grew up in the faith really have to learn about what other churches, cultures and people believe and have struggled to express their faith in a polite and yet bold way. Mormonism doesn't have all the answers to ones religious views and questions but it claims the authority of the priesthood.

  • Mormonism is chosen

    The strongest part of being a Mormon is choosing. They believe in being offered choices and making decisions. It does not make sense to say they're brain washed by a religion that sides with free will. The only people who think this are those who don't understand our overall beliefs.

  • Brainwash does not exist

    As a former missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a current active and true believing member, I can honestly say that no missionary is or ever was brainwashed. The term, "Brainwash" denotes the override of free-will and introspection, both of which people have and cannot be taken away from, so Brainwash cannot exist. There may be missionaries who are ignorant to facts concerning the church and the secular world, but that is not brainwash. Missionaries serve because they choose to serve, and no one can override that power to choose.

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AnonyFeline says2013-05-18T10:37:28.650
Truth is true north. If our thoughts are not pointing towards, or at least striving to change course towards the direction of true north, then we are deluding ourselves and everyone else when we spread the message(s) we have been given. Brainwashing is defined as: "to make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure". This would extend to almost any form of linguistic persuasion and emotional manipulation. Mormonism, and any organized institutional religion, fits this definition.