• Christians are those who follow christ

    If you believe in Christ and try to follow his teachings I think you could be counted as a Christian. HOWEVER, Even if you don't 'specifically classify as a Christian' why does it matter what you called?

    Jesus and God love everyone and I can't think of a reason why we should rule out people from calling themselves Christians. The world does not need any more dividers.

  • Mormons are not Christians for several reasons.

    First off the mormons have the book of mormon which they use with the Bible. This is clearly stated as wrong in the bible. No other text should be seen as equal to the Bible.

    Second, Mormons think that you get into heaven by doing good deeds and telling about Jesus. Christians are indeed supposed to do these things, However the way to get to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your lord and savior.

  • They are Joseph Smith Muslims

    Joseph smith is the opposite of Jesus because the man always changed his stories. He was a masonic lodge member and decided to create his own religion.
    He pulled stuff from the masons and a lot of stuff from Islam because he liked polygamy and labeled it as christian.

    And to top it off he wrote his own works to replace the bible. Keep in mind that his doctrines changed because he was never consistent.

    So they believe that God was a man and that making babies with many women is the key to salvation. He hated black people so he taught that they were inferior to the superior white man. And teaches that ultimately they will become Gods breeding with a space harem.
    They have child labor and child marriage and have hit squads. The Mormon live in enclaves and they did some bad things in Mexico. They want to conquer the world.

    Most Mormons though are part of breakaway groups that are not that extreme, But they still believe all the lies from Joseph.

  • Simple Truth Claim

    Both claim to accurately describe reality. If one claim is false, The religion is false. They each make a distinct and different claim of who Jesus is.

    Christian's believe Jesus is God.

    Mormons believe Jesus was created by God and is Lucifers brother.

    If one is true, The other is false. They can't both be true.

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