• Some are bad. And Mormonism is bad for many reasons.

    Are all Mormons bad? No. Are some bad? Yes. I'm guessing the question isn't asking if all Mormons are bad. Mormonism is bad because it presents false claims as truth. For example, the Book of Mormon mentions a group of people known as nephits that lived in ancient America. There was never a group of people known as nephits who lived in ancient America. There is no evidence to prove this claim. BTW, the Book of Mormon is presented as the most truthful and correct book on earth. Spreading false information is harmful and useless. Their beliefs that homosexility is a sin has burdened and harmed our society.

  • No It's idiotic to judge someone based on religion.

    Ok let me ask you why the hell you would say yes it's idiotic to judge a person on their religion. What you base a person on is their personality and the facts about the person themselves. I mean if we are judging people based on religion I'll just put this out there how many people were murdered, raped, and tortured during both the crusade and WW2 by the Christians? There is al the fact that the bible promote slavery, child murder, human sacrifice, abortion (if your wife cheats on you), and all sorts of things that today we fine either illegal or just morally wrong. Yet we aren't judging them by their religion now do we.

  • Some are Good. And Mormonism is Good for many reasons.

    Are all Christians bad? No. Are some bad? Yes. Christianity is bad because all throughout the book we call, "The Holy Bible" all of the things translated by the forty some men were possibly said/thought by JEHOVAH. These "words of truth" were greatly exaggerated by man for they did not understand the concept of their own universe or their earth let alone. They were afraid of death, they did not understand whether it be "lights out" or what they invented, Heaven or Hell.

    What I am saying is this. Through out history, man has attempted to write down and explain things that they have no ability to explain and their minds are just to "small" to understand so they exaggerate it to fit their views, their opinion.

    So there you have it. Mormons are not bad, Christians are not bad, Muslims are not bad, religions are not bad. Man are bad.

    What is the most common thing throughout religion, in every religion? It is to show compassion and love for your fellow man.

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