• What is "overpaid"?

    The question asks if they are overpaid? But "overpaid" is completely subjective. What I believe is "overpaid" and what someone else might believe is "overpaid" are too different things. I do believe that they are overpaid, and I express that belief by not going to theaters which finance their movies and their high paychecks. I also avoid buying anything of their special merchandise whenever possible.

    However this is a double edged sword, as by not going to their movies, I am not just impacting their pay, but the pay of everyone else that worked on the film, many of whom are not likely overpaid and are probably underpaid. By voting with my dollar, I have no choice but to either hurt all or help all. This allows them to successfully leech off my desire to help others.

  • Other people do better things in life.

    Not that I don't LOVE actors, but I think it's ridiculous that you get paid so much for entertaining. Anyone could do that. It's just acting is all about what you look like, not how good you are. Trust me. I'm in actor. But Pewdiepie gets paid more than Obama got paid and that's ridiculous. People do better things for the world.

  • Hollywood actors are massively overpaid

    Hollywood actors are massively overpaid.Just because the mainstream us citizzien is willing to watch crap movies or television shows.In the recent years good movies are getting less and less in Hollywood.It is just about making$.Thats it. The only actors that deserve their success are Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep.Because they always deliver outstanding performances.Most actors of the newer generation can't act and therefore don't deserve the millions they make.

  • Supply and demand

    People who chose yes simply don't understand economics. People are not paid based on the value they create, they're paid based on supply and demand. The lower the supply and the higher the demand for their products/services, the more they are paid. There is a high demand for both doctors and actors/actresses, but there's a much lower supply of actors/actresses that are talented enough to be at the highest level.

  • In the same way a fish is over-hydrated.

    If an actor or actress stars in a movie, they should be paid for their job. If a film makes money, its stars should earn some of that money. And the bigger the box office success, the more money the stars, directors, producers, and pretty much people involved will make. And as for the money producers give them to star in their film, well that's just basic stuff. Say you're an electrician. This is a service you offer to the public. If you do this job well, you'll be paid well. Now I know that actors don't have to act well to make money, but they're doing their job, so who cares?

  • They deserve what they get

    Personally, I think they are definitely not overpaid. Reasons are as follows: Firstly, most professional actors or actresses are trained so hard until they reach top of their professions. And they get picked and drafted from film company. They must be exceptional at acting so that they are given the chance to star in a movie. Secondly, just like other occupations, they have to work so hard from the bottom to top. And the number of actors who are commanded so called "telephone number salaries" is quite small, just soooooo small. Thirdly, their resources of their wages are so multiple. They can get huge sums of money from endorsement or sharing the box office of the movie. They really deserve every dime of what they have earned.

  • I don't think so.

    I do not think actors and actresses are overpaid as they have to put in a lot of time and effort into producing a movie. They have to act in many scenes and I think they deserve to be paid that amount as they have to work hard to create a popular movie.

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grecomsc2014 says2013-11-19T15:22:36.333
I think that all people in the entertainment industry are way overpaid. Yes, they have talent and star quality, but that doesn't mean they deserve millions of dollars a year. There are many poor people through out the country and world that need money and the essentials. There is just too much of a gap between the wealthy and the poor.