Are most citizens of modern society lacking in critical knowledge? i.e. science, philosophy, politics, economics, ect.

Asked by: Rational_Thought
  • People are missing the point.

    Critical knowledge is the ability to think both rationally and socially. In today's society, there are a lot of "educated" stupid people who are taught how to regurgitate whatever they're told in school, yet are discouraged from asking questions or thinking for themselves. The information is often quickly forgotten and replaced with technology and a sense of entitlement. I have seen countless people stepping out in traffic whilst texting on their iphones, and scowl at drivers who nearly hit them. This is not knowledge. It's the overstimulation and progressive dumbing down of society in order to create a stronger consumer base.

  • Its a no

    Because of the social media,people get to know more about different topics whether they want to know about it or not....With the advent of facebook twitter quora etc.. The present generation is more active with wats happening around n know more about topics,..Be it of political field or any othr

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