• Most classes are unnecessary.

    College should be a place where a student goes to study something that is related to what they want to do in the future. Student with a computer science major shouldn't be force to take history or geology, Classes that are completely unrelated to the students major, But rather software development, C# etc.

  • American History for Software Engineering Degree???

    In an effort to cut down on Federal Student Loans that take years to pay back, colleges should change the curriculum of their programs in order to streamline the degree with only classes that would actually have information that someone would use in their future career. I need someone to tell me why I need to take an American History course in order to be a better Software Engineer. It wastes $1600 in government funds at my current school and in no way aids me in me becoming a better Software Programmer. There are hundreds and even thousands of courses that are required with all the degrees out there that could be cut from the degree plans. This would allow students to obtain their degree quicker and cut down on the amount of debt they have to pay back to the federal government. The ONLY use for these classes is to make someone a "well rounded" student. Which does nothing for someone who is seeking to finish a degree and get out into the job market and become a future tax payer. The government should look into telling colleges that they cannot make students take courses not in line with the name of their degree. Much like earmarks should be removed from Bills and Acts that they pass in the House and Senate.

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  • Most GE courses like History and English are unnecessary.

    In History and English courses we learn about history again and are told to write a essay on it which is so stupid, since someone who has taken engineering it is clear that we're not interested in what happened many years ago, If all these stupid GE courses were removed our degrees could be done in 2 years max, saving time and money. These GE courses are designed by the government to extract money nothing else.

  • Education is well rounded enough- Joe Bryant, 10th grade

    As someone who is going in to college, I know that having to take a class for English every year is unnecessary. In high school we took everything, but college is training for jobs, good ones. Education should be well rounded, but not at a college level. Medical school teaches mostly medical stuff, and if one wants to be an engineer, then they shouldn't have to take a history class.

  • They are not necessary.

    They are not necessary because most education does not give necessary contextual knowledge needed for jobs that do not rely on the almost entirely conceptual knowledge that tends to be imparted by colleges.

    Furthermore, trade schools and non-college education are better equipped to help people who are looking for employment. College should never be considered a requirement.

  • Not most, but some college courses are unnecessary for a degree.

    For example, if I'm going for a degree in computer science with a focus on programming, I shouldn't be required to take a "fine arts" course like art history, music appreciation, or drawing/painting just to get my degree. I also shouldn't be required to pay to see plays and such and write papers on them.

    If a course is going to be required, it better have a justifiable reason for it. A class in C++ labeled as required for a programming degree makes a lot more sense than a class in psychology or sociology. A "fine arts" course would only make sense if one was going into the multimedia aspect of computer science...And in those cases, it should be digital art via Photoshop or Illustrator and not painting or sculpting.

  • Well-Rounded Education Means More Money

    Students who get a more well-rounded education make more money. So, while it takes two years in a major field of study to earn a four-year degree, general education classes are required to make people better prepared for "real" life. The only unnecessary courses are the ones students don't take while attending college.

  • Most college courses are Necessary.

    Most college courses are necessary to know for someone who decides to go down a certain career path in which that course would help them become valuable in the field. While not all college courses are beneficial to a specific person, most college courses are necessary to at least someone's particular career path or desired area of knowledge.

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