• Yesterday's liberalism is today's conservatism.

    Most conservatives are older because older people tend to be set in their ways. Notions that were radical and liberal when they were young are quaint nowadays; the actual person's political and social views may actually have changed very little, but the society changes around them as they age, and newer, even more radical views rise up.

  • Yes, most conservatives are old. The results of the 2012 Presidential election would indicate that most conservatives are old.

    Most conservatives are old and election results in the 2012 Presidential election reflected the change in age demographics. Most young people voted for the current president and played a significant part in giving Barack Obama a second term. Conservative ideology is old and younger people are not willing to subscribe to it. Young people want equal rights for all to marry, are free choice in terms of abortion, and want support for higher education. Many of the November 2012 election results indicate just that.

  • Yes most conservatives are older.

    Most conservatives these days are on the older side. This is especially true of the die hard conservatives. There social policies are more out dated, and perhaps even out of touch which makes conservatives relate more to older people. The recent elections are prime examples of most young people being liberals and not conservatives. This is true because Obama got most of the youth vote. There are some younger conservatives, who have grown up with conservative parents and continue with those policies. Despite this the majority of conservatives do appear to be older.

  • Yes, most conservatives are old.

    I do believe that most conservatives are older people. Each generation seems to get more liberal in their beliefs, along with their morals. This is evident by the number of divorces, out of wedlock pregnancies, jail overcrowding for non violent offenses, states with a majority of younger voters electing to relax marijuana laws. In keeping with this mindset, I do believe we will see more relaxed laws and punishments for non violent offenses, more partners and less marriages, and moral views of 50 years ago being viewed as old-fashioned and out of date.

  • I would have to strongly disagree,

    I would say in the past there was much more liberalism. But as younger people have started to become involved we see the split of their votes to different parties. While many younger people are not very interested in politics still and often have political allegiances to the left of the spectrum. The more politically interested ones though tend to lean to the right, sometimes slightly, sometimes more. This doesn't mean that they are conservative though. Many are conservative on economic policies and liberal on social polices. Just be aware that most people do not fall into one strict political group.

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