• Yes, I think so.

    Im not saying that girls are better, but they should be treated equally. Even today, girls are treated like dogs. I know from personal experience. Some guys at my school are very wise-cracking, and one time some kid called me a little girl even though i was clearly older and taller. Once in math class, i was assigned to a guy as a partner for our worksheet. We were stuck on a problem, but i figured it out, but he wouldn't even listen to me and interrupted me. I turned out to be right.

  • Girls are Underrated

    Girls do things that a male would do, and get nothing out of it, while boys are rewarded and encouraged, this is why a lot of girls might not see their potential, and their self esteem might lower, with false ideas filling their minds. Girls can do the same things as boys, they just are not rated high enough, and are not treated equally to boys.

  • Yes, most girls are underrated.

    In America only 14% of the top business CEOs are women. (money.Cnn.Com) And in many fields like computer science only 27% of the work force are women.(GenderCodes) In my own personal experience when I've played something like video games with guys I'm treated like I am completely clueless about what I'm doing. I often hear the excuses like "Oh you're a girl. Girls have no idea what buttons to hit. Girls are such wusses." I've be playing video games since I've been little and I am pretty good at it. And here's another example. When a girl walks out at night and it's dark outside she has to be careful. Because if she isn't she might be picked up and raped. When a guy walks out at night he can walk out confidently not always having to look behind his back to see if any drunk is following, trying to grope him. In a perfect world men and women would be treated equally. However it's not a perfect world and we still have a long way to go before we reach equality.

  • People say that girls are weak so emotional and stupid

    Well that's not the case. Many leaders and pioneers in our country we're wemon, but you mostly hear about the men because there acts were "braver" than any of the wemons. The truth is they were no braver or less brave then the wemons they were equal in braveness. If you think differently and think that the men were still braver then to some research on American history. And if you still think men are braver then your just being a sexist so grow up. I happen to think that we are all equal if one man backs down one women will stand up and if one women backs down then one man steps up. We should all learn to look deeper than just the physical appearance.

  • I will play Devil's advocate here.

    I do not deny that in many areas of the world, women are underrepresented and not treated equally. But it's easy to transition from equality to favoritism. If an employer is faced with a competent women, but a more competent man (in his or her eyes), is he or she wrong in hiring the man? Not too long ago,International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde was quoted saying, "Lagarde was equally as blunt: “Women are better equipped than men to deal with all sorts of situations and better able to adjust, which is a sign of intelligence. As a consequence, we are a threat to men … This is something I learned from my sons." To a certain extent, I realize that this is only one women, who may or may not speak for the entire community, but it does raise the question: in their quest for equality, how will we know when women are truly equal and not looking for favoritism?

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