Are most of the Christians you know selfish and snooty?

  • Yes. I see very few do as Mother Theresa did

    I have to hide my atheism (expect on-line) at all times due to the cruelty hate and self-love of Christians. Christians only care to affirm their own ideas, are happy to fire anyone who challenges those ideas and are happy to not adopt teen-moms into their homes and pay for all the teen mom's needs, are happy to hate gay people, are happy to support puppy-mills and forest-clearing. Mostly, Christians are bad at applying math

  • Christians are hypocrites

    I believe that many are self righteous. They seem to want to preach their beliefs but rarely follow them. They are taught to be loving and generous, yet will run away laughing if some one in need ever walked in a room because they aren't wearing $300 worth of clothing.

  • They believe only their religion is true

    A christian told me, only Christianity is the one true religion. Others are lies, tricks and cons. Christians are above everyone else who does not believe in Christianity. Only they get to go to heaven, and the rest will burn in hell, regardless of how they live their lives. No matter how much good others have done, non christians will burn and suffer in hell.

  • Not all christins are snooty

    I wear what i am comfortable in. I dont dress up because Jesus doesnt want people uncomfortable, unhappy, in physical pain either. I will not ignore anyone who isnt like me. I see why alot of people quit because they dont fit in with the clique at church. I dont care if one is homeless or a million dollar baby. We are here to be kind to each other. I like learning about God, Jesus, lobe nature and animals. I sit alone in church and dont mind.

  • A hoard of snooty just down the street.

    I've been wondering what the 40-something neighbor women with kids my kid's age are so snooty about. Turns out they all go to the same church. A church I cannot easily find data on...A Christian fundamentalist church in fact. These women can talk to me in private just fine, but in public I don't exist to them. I'm secular, so it took me awhile to put it all together.

  • Religion, especially Christianity is driven by Egotism, This is demonstrated often in their attitude to Others:

    The lust for an Afterlife (an egotistical notion) and the belief that they are winning the race to achieve it, often makes them arrogant and somewhat selfish. Our region has mostly Atheists and in our Neighborhood meetings there is only two Christians who try to dominate conversations and if nobody pays them attention, they become snooty and snap at everybody who asks them why the snootiness.
    They cannot stand not being the center of attention. So much so that there is often a communal sigh of relief when they either don't arrive to the meetings or leave early.
    They are definitely not liked by the majority of members.
    I only associate with one of them because he is a client.
    Though when I work for him, he wants everything for nothing.
    Confirming the Debate Title.

  • No, that is an unfair generalization

    Yes I can understand the opposing argument. Many Christians do come across as uncaring and rude. However I think a lot of people unfairly stigmatize Christians as if they are the only group of people that act elite or superior. There are many different types of Christians - Catholic, Mormon, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Born Again. To smear all Christians with the same brush shows a lack of judgement.
    Some Christians are rich, others barely can afford electricity. Some Christians support gay marriage, legalization of pot and are against owning guns. Others don't.
    And in the same manner some Christians are kinda, giving and follow their beliefs. Actually it is in the Christian religion to give away your possessions, to help the poor and be accepting of all people. So in the doctrinal sense people who are not like that are 'fake' Christians.
    I have met many different types of Christians and I would say they are very varied.

  • Not true actually

    The Bible tells Christians to separate themselves from the world. We are not doormats for the world, And sin won't be tolerated. Your lovey dovey view of Christianity is misinformed. We are to lve others as we love ourselves, But that means tou atheists have no hope, Because none of you love anyone properly!

  • I cannot say I've met every single christian but there are many genuine Christians and there are unfortunately, some not so genuine ones...

    Like the above comment, I sympathise with any negative exeriences that you've had with Christians that has left you with a bad taste towards them. I am a christian and I have met some wonderful Christians, and also some Christians with mean/snobbish characters. Just because a few hundred christians you've met were selfish, does not mean all the christians in the world (that have lived since the beginning of time, in the present and in the future) are the same. I believe God values every person and loves everyone, christian or not, and a genuine christian-person living a genuine christian life would reflect this love/positive heart towards others. Obviously, there are many people out there who do believe in God, but are not practising a proper christian life. These people, you don't have to make generalised statements about their background as a representative of the whole (because of a negative encounter you had) - they dont reflect the whole. God is real, He created you, me and this whole universe. I pray one day, you will meet someone who will be a proper representation of God and with whom you will have a lovely time.

  • I'm Sorry That You've Had that Experience

    I am a Christian. I'm going to put that out there right away. I know that a lot of people perceive Christians as snooty, rude, wanting to be the centre of attention, and selfish. I'm.. I'm sorry, really. Wow. That's horrible. But not all Christians are like that, perhaps the ones you've met were, but not every Christian is. That's a generalization. And you have to remember that not everyone who calls themselves a Christian really is one.

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