• I truly believe most people are trust worthy.

    I believe other than the natural born swindlers of the world people are usually trustworthy. People are not generally out to get one another. Sour relationships, bad business deals , and miscommunication can bring out that you or me instinct we all posses . Now lets also be clear trust with money and material items os one thing. Trust with my children is a issue in itself.

  • If they weren't society wouldn't function.

    Most people are trustworthy. The few who are not can make it seem like nobody is because we remember the negative and look-over the positive. For the most part, train schedules are dependable everyday because most of the employed are trusted to come to work everyday and perform their duties. Banks are trustworthy. They have your money and you trust them with it. Hasn't it been your experience that you get your money any time you want? The people working there must be trustworthy with millions of dollars easily at their access. Sure, there are security measures to keep people trustworthy but the fact remains that people are.

    As far as one's personal friends and family they may not be so trustworthy but we an choose our friends and exile our family members until we find a people that are trustworthy.

  • No. Nor should they be expected to be.

    People just aren't up to the burden of things like "trust". Expecting others to think of you, first, is like riding around on their back, all the time. It's a terrible burden and, strangely, the ones people burden the most are the ones they claim to care about the most. "How fortunate are the enemies of a man, that they can move about so freely."

  • No one is trustworthy, deep down they are for themselves only.

    Everyone is out for themselves subconsciously. They will sell you out and feed you to the sharks the moment they are promised riches or power. No one cares about anyone, no one will ever help another person in need. The world is a terrible, corrupt and awful place. No one will survive.

  • No, people can only be trusted to look out for themselves.

    When it comes to being trustworthy, the only thing you can trust people to take good care of are their own interests. Sure there are people that look out for others, but it is hard to depend on that in every case. Hope for the best, expect the worst; that's my motto.

  • People aren't trustworthy

    People are selfish by nature, we are trained to act less selfish than we feel, but it is only an act. Our fear of an unpredictable future causes us to strive to get as much as we can in terms of power and money. Manipulation is a very common way to acquire and control and so often pays off at a material level. You cannot trust anyone including yourself 100%. I have met extremely selfish people who live fulfilling lives, there is no cosmic scorekeeper who will level the playing field. There is no poetic justice only what seems like it when schemers sometimes fall just as the less tricky people do.

  • 65 years of experience tells me people are only somewhat trustworthy

    I'm about to be 65 years old and have found very few trustworthy people in my lifetime. I've found people, more often than not will give you the short end of the stick. Don't automatically expect people to do the right thing; get their word on it beforehand. However, even then, you can only trust people to be as they are.

  • There is no question about it

    The vast majority of the people on the planet are not trustworthy. There is no doubt about it. If you have lived long enough,you already know it. And if there is someone in your life right now who you think is,just wait. You'll find out soon enough that you are wrong.

  • IT might be in our nature

    Although we like to be able to keep secrets for our friends, it is often that if we are lying in bed with our partner that we might tell them as we like to share our thoughts, this is apart of who we all are and i don't think people are all that different.

  • I personally don’t believe that most people are trustworthy.

    I personally don’t believe that most people are
    trustworthy. The old-fashioned values have
    been forsaken. Most people nowadays don’t
    even understand the concept of friendship.
    I think that most people today aren’t trustworthy because they haven’t
    met many trustworthy people. The moral
    fiber of society has been unraveling for a long time.

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