Are most people unaware of the dangers of abortion?

Asked by: mangelica711
  • Uh of course.

    The dangers? How about death? That seems rather dangerous and that is what abortion causes. Murder seems like a pretty big danger. As for the dangers of the mother, if they are willing to abort a child they deserve the outcomes of the "procedure". We sentence criminals who have committed homocide to death, yet we are currently worrying about the affects on women who commit basically the same crime on infants.

  • Less than half the life that enters an abortion clinic comes out alive.

    Abortions are very dangerous and painful to the mother, as well as killing her offspring. Abortions greatly reduce the chance of a successful birth later on. Anyone having an abortion is clearly thinking only of now, and using no forethought.I don't know what else to say, I think I covered it, but need more words.

  • Yes of course most people are unaware of abortion.

    Many people think that abortion is not harming any human because according to them. It isn't a human but all you which is like 97% of the entire world say. But it is... No one has sense of life. It.... It is ridiculous . First get your evidence that what is inside that belly isn't human then speak!! >:(

  • Yes people are unaware of the dangers of abortion

    People assume that abortion cause no dangers to nobody but just because the baby isn't born doesn't mean it's not living, if theres a heart beat or the baby is conceiving then it's living and in my point of view giving abortion is like a murder. The mother is killing the baby by giving abortion when she could of gone through labor and given birth & handed the baby in for adoption where someone has the responsibility. If your responsible enough of having so then you should be responsible to have a child. How ever some mothers feel like they can't take care of a child, and that there too young or not ready so they choose for an abortion. Abortions are harsh, there giving away the life of a child who can end up becoming someone successful and it's unfair. Instead of abortions the best best choice is giving that baby a life and go though labor and give it for adoption. No woman should give abortion, abortion should be legal in America.

  • No, No, No

    No they are not! And if they were they wouldn't be getting an abortion! No baby deserves to die! God made them for a reason! They weren't supposed to be killed before birth! Teens shouldn't be pregnant! But I'm the last one who should be saying that because when I was 14 I got pregnant!!!!!!

  • Depends how the term is construed.

    This question is asking in a medical sense, and presumably is asking if most people are unaware of the dangers it poses *to the woman getting the abortion*. A fetus is not a person before 26 weeks, and this is well after the point at which abortion is legal in most countries; so no, the fact that a fetus (usually) dies as a result of the procedure does not count as a 'danger' of the procedure; this is what the procedure is *supposed* to do.
    And as I stated, it depends on how we construe 'most people'. The average, overweight male on the street? These are not people that would actually need to know very much if anything about this specific medical procedure in their everyday lives, so it's entirely possible that these people are unaware of the potential risks it can pose.
    Trained medical professionals? Medical professionals who specialize in abortion? The women who are actually receiving the abortion? I don't think so; the first has a higher-than-average chance of knowing simply as part of their wider medical knowledge base, the second is required by law to know as part of their essential medical knowledge, and in cases of actual legal abortions the third is required by law to be fully informed of all aspects of the procedure, especially ones relating to her health.

    And in case some are not aware, an actual, legal abortion, provided by a trained medical professional, is actually *much* safer than even the 'safest' full-term pregnancy; the earlier the abortion is received, the safer it is.

  • Those that require an abortion are all made aware of the Dangers by the Medical Staff.

    The only people that are unaware of the dangers of Abortion are those who don't need to know anyway. Those that don't need to know are often those who make the most fuss about Abortion.
    I've known many women who have undergone abortions and in every case, the doctors made absolutely certain that they were aware of all complications that may arise.
    Quite often, the last person who wants the abortion procedure performed is the abortionist.
    Respected Abortion Clinics do everything they can to make sure the patient is fully aware of all possible side effects, physical, as well as psychological.
    One estimation made only a year ago is that 80% of patients who enter an Abortion clinic, thinking that they need one, are talked out of having it by the staff.
    Thus only 20% of those originally seeking the abortion, actually go through with it, against all the evidence presented to them by the Abortion Clinic Staff.
    Abortionists are human too!

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