Are most political website biased, leaning more towards the left or the right?

Asked by: Het
  • A lot on left and right.

    There are a lot of political websites that, on the political spectrum, lean left, like The Young Turks, and on the right World Net Daily. Many right wing websites are more conservative, while left wing is more liberal. I personally am more liberal because I'm not ignorant to facts. BOOM

  • Yes, Even Non-Political Sites

    Yes, every politics based website or media channel tends to lean one way or the other. It's not always just left or right, but it's all biased. Even the non-political sites can be argued to have a social bias. This site, for example, Debate.Org, doesn't officially lean in any particular direction, but if you could somehow poll all the users, you would likely notice a definite lean towards liberalism.

  • Politics itself is biased

    It is virtually impossible to find any website that isn't at least a little biased. I guarantee you, many people find themselves on a particular side of a political debate just because of their standing as a republican or democrat. Everyone has their own opinion, and whoever made the website itself is a big part of whether or not it is biased.

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