• That money can go for better uses

    Just look at it like this. WOULD YOU RATHER eat or WOULD YOU RATHER look at someone run to first base? With that kid of money we can help the homeless, cancer, our country's economy, we can make more jobs for people that need it. Instead of just looking at someone toss a ball just for fun. I'm not saying they shouldn't get paid, but not millions of dollars. There are Way more important things but some of you wouldn't understand. I'd like to see you, go into the army and die and face the fact that you didn't even make half of what professional athletes make. I'd like to watch you run around BARE FEET because you can't afford clothing or STARVE because you can't buy food. I'd like to see you for from cancer because you couldn't afford treatments.

  • Athletes are Undeserving of their Fortunes

    Watch them...

    Get on their hands and knees like monkeys.

    Jump on top of each other.

    Is that not an accurate description of football?

    I think that athletes should get paid about $100,000.

    Athletics provides entertainment for civilization; academics ensures progress.

    Athletics are the worst thing that humanity has ever encountered.

    By the way, I am in middle school.

  • Yes

    They are paid too much money that we could be spending or using on other things that are important in this country. They get paid more than the president, for crying out loud, and I think that is terrible because they just play a game and the president runs this country.

  • It's obvious that athletes are overpaid

    Let's just take an example. We'll say our fictional friend Bob is a football player. Let's say our other nonexistent friend, Matt, is a teacher. Matt works eight hours a day, five days a week, ten months out of the year. Bob, as a football player, works three hours a day, one-three days a week, seven months a year. Matt teaches kids how to speak. Bob plays a game for other people's enjoyment. When you take how beneficial Matt is and how much more he works than Bob, and the innecessity of Bob's job, Matt should earn MUCH more than Bob. It's sad we don't work in a work : gain society because if we did these sort of shortcomings wouldn't happen. Matt gets paid 40,000 dollars a year. Bob get's paid 40,000,000 dollars a year. Its completely unproportional and should be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

  • Yes, even though nothing will change

    It is one thing to become a professional athlete, but another to be an overpaid athlete and get everything handed to you. At one time professional sports was just a past time, no money involved, or at least not as much as these days. Even in the 50's and 60's most athletes still had to get jobs to help pay the bills but they still loved the game weather as a hockey player, baseball player, football etc... I can understand being paid good money, but now these days it seems like the money they are getting is just not enough. What about the good old days where the games were fun to watch, the time of where the real men and women athletes were. I'm not saying that it is the source to all of the problems, because a lot of the problems stem from the media and sponsorship making money, causing athletes to demand their share. Money is a dangerous necessity that will ruin more lives than help. So many unfortunate people who never had the opportunities and the money to become an athlete because living in poor family, So many talented kids who are better than most kids who make it into the pros but don't have the money and resources. which a bet a lot of those kids are or will be homeless because there only gift and hope was being an athlete. Also Athletic Scholarship fund is a complete joke, Scandal, whateve you want to call it, Most colleges or universities reward popular Celebrities, or rich arrogate students who don't even need the money, while unfortunate families who can barley make ends meet, get refused because they are considered a nobody. Its happening all the time. But you wont see any change because we live in a corporate world full of ignorant, selfish, greedy a$$hole people who choose how Professional Sports runs. Men in suits, just to go watch a Hockey, football etc.. game. All the fans are to them is puppets. We people spend hundreds of dollars just to go see our favorite team win a game, even if they win, nothing changes, still go home back to your miserable life in most cases, while all the athletes win or loose, they still get to party, go do whatever, buy flashy sports cars, Mansions, or big houses and attract all the money hustling $luts who some succeed in and get married for the money. While the rest of us are worried about losing our homes because of the economy. Its a sick world, and eventually people are gonna get fed up.
    I don't care what anyone has to say about my comment, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the truth is a really harsh reality that everyones gotta live with. The Rich get Richer and Poorer Stay poor.

  • They get so much money for making mistakes.

    All professional athletes make mistakes, so why pay them so much? They get paid like they are perfect all the time, but realistically they are not even close. For example Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod), who plays for the Yankees didn't get hits last year so they benched him during games. Per at bat he gets on average of $200,000. So basically he gets $200,000 to strikeout.

  • Sports over lives

    There are many people like doctors who deserve the same amount of money as a pro football or baseball layer earns. They save lives everyday and even help mothers have their baby's! They don't earn anything even close to what a basketball player earns in a month. If anyone knows an athlete who can perform surgery please let me know to prove me wrong, but for know I fully believe that the millions of dollars that athletes earn a month should be going to something worthwhile like doctors and militarymen and not people who throws balls around for a living.

  • Yes there are people in our country who actually have jobs to help our country athletes just sit and play a kids game.

    I think if anyone should be paid more it should be teachers and scientists. If not them then it should be people in the army. Athletes are just hear for entertainment they take money away from the society. Players are now asking for more money . Why do you need all that money they don't even spend it all? These athletes are making bad examples to little kids by saying inapropriate language. These athletes are taking away jobs from are country. The athletes are making it so kids say I want to be a pro athlete when I grow up less than 20% of athletes actually make it pro in football and Soccer.

  • They don't contribute to society.

    People like teachers deserve more money than athletes because they contribute to our society. Wouldn't it be better to spend the excess money on education, or in the medical field? It makes much more sense to invest our money in helping the community and saving peoples lives than it does for us to invest it in entertainment. How much does that really help?

  • Why should athletes benefit more than hard work?

    There is no good reason why they should benefit less then hard work. The only thing athletes do is to entertain us. It's not fair that people who work so hard each day should get paid less, people just asking for a bit more money in their pocket to provide more to their family and for their community. Thank you for reading.

  • No, they are not overpaid.

    All athletes have times of the year where they do not get paid at all. It is difficult to find a job during the off-seasons of sports. Also, that makes it hard to be able to pay bills and taxes. I think they should be paid more. People have no clue how hard athletes train.

  • They have a lot of responsibility.

    They have to spend more time than other jobs, traveling a lot and training, so that they don't spend much time with their family. In addition, athletes have the responsibility of their country’s tradition and their careers are not long as other careers, because if they get injured they will lose everything. Moreover, they have a talent that make them different than others.

  • Not a chance

    1. You get paid what you are worth to your employer:

    Today's society is driven by capitalism, simple as that.

    Example: Since joining the Heat in 2010, Lebron has helped to raise the value of the team by over $200 million. In that same time frame, LeBron has been paid ~$50M from the Miami Heat.

    2. Law of Scarcity:

    How many people can work at McDonald's? Basically everyone.
    How many people can teach? Considerably less, but still a very high number.

    There is only 1 LeBron James, currently the best basketball player in the world.

    At the end of the day, you have to consider these factors. Professional athletes make what they do because of us. WE pay to watch them play.

    If anything, certain athletes are EXTREMELY underpaid, LeBron being one of them.

  • You all are just jealous.

    Our teachers dont do the best jobs. Look at our country's rating for education. Also, people chose their careers. They're not forced to do it so why enter a career then complain about salary? They know their salary before they begin. Also, athletes bring in a lot of money to their teams and the teams just share the profit with them. Why arn't actors and entertainers being harrased? They get paid due to what they bring in. They bring in millions then get paid millions. Police bring their money in by giving out speeding tickets to innocent people or tickets for no seat belts. They don't do anything spectacular. Athletes do amazing things in their sport that no one else in the world can do. I bet any athlete could become a cop or teacher, its simple. And the whole army thing, those soldiers know they are putting their lives on the line for a low salary before they enter the force so if they dont agree with the terms then why enlist? Athletes deserve the money they make.

  • No -- here's some real support for this argument.

    They are entertainers. Much like movie stars or any other celebrity that brings in multimillion dollar salaries, they are paid to entertain. Yet you don't see movie stars or singers being harassed that their salaries are too high for what they do. Athletes also receive their payment from the industry; sports fans pay upwards of $400 per ticket. Among ticket sales, merchandise, advertisements, etc. The professional sports industry brings in billions of dollars a year. And this money is obviously going to go towards the people who brought it in -- the athletes. It goes not only towards the athletes, but to the sports departments and other staff as well. And guess what? Capping that pay, isn't going to make your police officers, doctors, etc. Get paid any more than they do now. It goes to the people who earned it. Sorry. Taking away athletes' salaries won't fix your own. Simple as that. They don't get to pick their salaries, just as any other average person doesn't. The money is generated through the industry. The talent required to participate in professional sports is also rare and therefore in high demand. It takes a lot of effort and hard work for professional athletes to get where they are in their careers (and not all of them are pushed there by their parents -- horrible excuse). And lastly, pro athletes participate in difficult, competitive, and sometimes aggressive sports which can cause them to receive severe injuries. And unlike any average person, their injuries will cause them to lose their job, without question. They face risking their job every single time they work. Professional athletes get paid just what they deserve financially. Do some research.

  • If they don't get paid there will be no sports.

    If there is no sports people will lose a lot. Do people know how dedicated some people are to sports? If they take that away people will cause riots in every single city. The world would come to a end. The world would be full of bloody idiots and no one could stop them.

  • What's your occupation?

    Pro athletes grow up putting everything they have into their sport. They sacrifice things that other people are doing so they can get better. Even college sports eat up the whole week of an athlete. They balance school, sports and family and so much more. Their whole lives they work for only a couple years of pay. If you have ever put half the effort these athletes put into their sport maybe would be successful too. You think Mike Jordan just walked into the NBA without any work, sacrifice and practice? He was on the court day in and day out. You can't say these athletes are overpaid when they've been working for this their whole lives. The life of an athlete is difficult. You only see the outside you don't know what that life is like you only assume.

  • I think no.

    Because they work hard, they deserve the money that they get. People just think it is unfair that they get more money than the average person. I mean, we all make money here, so no need to argue that the answer is yes because it is no. There is no need for this debate. End of discussion.

  • They bring in millions to their franchise

    Think of it this way. Lets say you work for a company and you are getting paid minimum wage, and one day you make a product that brings that company millions of dollars. Is it fair for you to still get paid minimum wage? I think not. These guys bring in millions of dollars to the franchises that they play for so they should get paid that same amount if not more. Plus these pros are taxed at least $100,000 dollar usually more.

  • Pro athletes are not overpaid.

    They work so hard for themselves, to make their family proud, and for the millions of fans all across the world. Imagine you working long hours away from your family, training until you sweat an entire swimming pool. For what? To be paid $60,000 a year? I think they deserve all of the money that they make, even if it is $58.5 million per year.

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Anonymous says2013-03-01T15:50:53.897
I aggre with"Yes"
Anonymous says2013-03-23T23:50:44.920
I do believe that athletes and celebrities make too much money. They make more than a doctor does a week for hitting a ball, running around the field, shooting hoops or even swimming but they deserve it as they work out hard every day for fans to watch them play. In some jobs, all you do are sit in an office with a pen with no physical effort what so ever. The stress these athletes have to bear on their body and joints after these exercises or sometimes in game injuries can be great - injuries such as tearing your ACL, dislocated shoulder, finger, broken bone or even get crippled, etc. Yet they continue to do it. They also have kids and family members or even friends that they use this money to support. Sometimes these athletes had a very rough childhood growing up. Therefore, by gaining this amount of money will prevent their child or children from suffering from this same problem. For example: when your favorite team wins or loses a game, tons of people get happy or sad. Therefore, these people have a lot of stress on them and they affect the lives of millions of people.
There are many advantages of paying the pro celebrities more as if they are getting paid more, they will play better, as they know if their performance is good and they are winning all the games that they are playing, they will get paid more and they will concentrate on their performance. These celebrities will become famous as people around them will talk about them and will talk about their leisure, comforts and they can become inspirations for many youngsters who are watching them. The sports celebrities will not participate in commercials as they are being paid more than they deserve and they will concentrate on their performance.
The celebrities are not getting too much of money just because they are playing and entertaining their fans all over the world and they are doing the easiest job in the world. However, in that easiest job they are lot of risks involved. They sacrifice their bodies for the entertainment of millions of people who, if placing bets, could be making money off them. The risk involved is that they don’t have any other job and if they get a serious injury and will be unable to play the sport again in their life, so how will they manage their expenditure. Their work, determination and skill should be rewarded. These people put everything on the line just so they could have a chance to fulfill their dreams. Their life is not that easy that we think. They have to practice all day. They not only play for themselves or their families, but they play to make their country proud or their team proud. They make their family proud.

Their life is not easy as they sacrifice things that other people are doing so they can get better. They have fiercing competition. The amount of money they receive is based on their performance as if they play better and they are winning matches for their team and making their family/team proud, they should be paid more. Being an athlete is about entertainment. The more people you entertain, the more you will make. When your entertaining almost 100 million people, you deserve a lot of pay. If you want to complain about athletes, you should also complain about the pay of Actors. Moreover, they are talented that they are performing an action with ease.

I think they work for what they earn. I believe that sports that require more physical output (football, hockey, boxing, soccer etc.) should give those athletes a higher salary, because they are more prone to severe injuries. Acquiring severe injuries can cut an athlete's career short. I think they deserve what they are getting as they risk their lives to entertain people all around the world. The athletes have a short career and if they get injured while playing they may cannot play the sport ever in their lifetime. Pro Athletes work harder than anybody else to get where they are at now. Look at pro boxers or football players. They only do that for a good 15-20 years of their life before they are forced to retire, because of blown knees or bad concussions. They take a big risk everyday they do their job. THEY DESERVE IT!
Anonymous says2013-04-13T23:50:30.443
They are not over paid because all that money would just go to the club so what ever tax the club pays they still have to pay see they arnt taking money from the goverment they are taking it from fans who come to watch them play ! :D
Anonymous says2013-04-14T14:24:59.477
I think athletes are over paid because teachers who taught them get paid less and this makes no sense. People who save our lives are paid a lot less money and I dont see why. However I can understand that athletes provide entertainment and help people to relax but I do not believe they need to be paid so much.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T18:44:42.490
I agree they are overpaid
Anonymous says2013-04-24T17:08:10.843
Athletes aren't overpaid yo. Yall just jealous.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T17:13:11.747
Y'all just be jealous of how much they make.They make millions,while you make pennies.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T17:16:51.967
People just be jealous of athletes wages while they only get pennies a day.
Anonymous says2013-05-08T15:39:20.917
Here's the kicker: If all sports were gone tomorrow, would to world fall apart? If sports were totally banned, would humanity start to decline rapidly? Now try that with Doctors, or Police, or Paramedics. One of these things is not like the other...
stevenson.mckayla says2014-04-08T20:09:29.673
Athletes are paid too much, especially compared to professionals that work hard hours, save people’s lives, and make tremendous sacrifices, such as doctors. Currently, professional athletes are paid double and sometimes triple the salary that doctors receive. Some people think that athletes deserve their pay and doctors shouldn't be paid more than what they are paid now. Doctors should receive more salary than athletes because of their duties/tasks on the job. If athletes were paid less and doctors were paid more, that money could be used for government and poverty issues. The money could be sent to the government by taking out the taxes from athlete’s salary and funding it towards the government to help society. Athletes spend their time playing games while doctors are saving lives, making sacrifices, going through stress, and helping society. Americans love to be entertained by these events but most people take for granted the importance of doctors who are the ones who save our lives. Professional athletes do deserve a salary because sports fans are the ones paying for the entertainment but it is to a certain extent to how much they deserve to be paid. Though some individuals feel that professional athletes deserve their pay, most do not agree. The ones that are more effective to society should be the ones who are paid more. While professional athletes are playing a game of their own and providing amusement to certain individuals, doctors are saving lives, helping society, and teaching the general public about health awareness.
GeeWillikers says2014-04-10T23:32:18.430
For everyone who says that we're jealous, you don't know who's complaining. The people with hard jobs aren't complaining, they know they shouldn't and most probably wouldn't even think about it. The ones complaining are the fans and students. They are trying to make a point. Im not going to use a military example, so ill use a doctor example. If a doctor does surgery wrong, they could kill the person, and that's probably the worst feeling in the world especially since they were trying to save that person's life. And many athletes mess up big time, and they still get paid tons of money.
youngw2988 says2019-03-15T15:53:55.060
They are overpaid

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