• Just an analysis

    In the past year or so, there's been an increasing amount of protests and rebellious people. And yes, I'm especially referring to the Ferguson incident and mass following it has gained. Now, I'm sure that there are some people who want legitimate change and a better society for their themselves and their families, but the majority of these people seem to be violent destructive idiots. How can people be so stupid and narrow minded? If they got what they want, the world would be full of thugs and fall apart soon after. The only change they're bringing is for the worse, yet they don't see it. I'm all for change, but the logic of these radicals just baffles me. Rant over.

  • It depends really.

    In some cases I think that rebels are extremely intelligent because they could see the world in a different way to others and they won't just blindly accept society's rules. However if their rebelious actions are ineffective then I think they could be viewed as idiotic. It depends on the rebel, situation and how they deal with the situation.

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