• Bus can't but mom can

    Bus drivers should be professional. Where I live when there's a snow day, most children get to school with a car ride from their parents! If a car can make it safely why can't a large bus? This is the typical over protectionism mindset of raising children now a day.

  • Most snow days are unnecessary.

    If the weather conditions are so severe that children must stay home from school, there is still a viable way through technology to have kids still complete any class work that otherwise would have been missed. Most schools issue iPads or laptops and kids should be able to log on to a school website to complete work, thus eliminating the need for the time away from the classroom to be classified as a snow day.

  • Yes growing up in Montana I got one.

    There is six inches of snow outside was there school today? Yes of course there was. We expect snow here and deal with it we know we need to be careful and that we shouldn't drive if we don't need to but at the end of the day it isn't going to stop us from caring on with our lives. It is pathetic when an inch of snow shuts down school. That's nothing try driving to work or school when its -20 or worse in town with 6 inches of snow in a beat up old saab and then tell me its not safe there. If there is snow on the ground you just need to calm down and give yourself plenty of room to stop no weaving through traffic like an idiot you will get there when you get there.

  • Yes, most snow days are unnecessary.

    I believe that the majority of snow days are unnecessary. Although it is sometimes necessary to take precautions in order to protect students, the amount of snow is often not enough to impact the ability of students to get to school. However, if bus routes are dangerous or students in outlying areas cannot get to school, their parents should be able to call and get them excused for the day.

  • It's not safe without them

    Recently, my county made a debatable decision about the weather that was coming in. Unfortunately, they made the decision to allow school to go on, which resulted in many missing and late students. Cars couldn't get through, people who lived in the mountains were out of luck, and students who walked were at risk for getting hit by a car, or even just slipping on the ice. Snow days are important because they keep people safe.

  • Most snow days are necessary

    Most snow days are necessary. in some cases, school boards wait too long to determine whether a snow day should be used or not. This puts children in danger and causes parents to worry unnecessarily. The safety of our children should be the paramount concern of our school systems in America.

  • No, Snow days are necessary

    When it comes to safety, there should not be the discussion of necessary versus unnecessary. Most people would rather take the risk of being over cautious and nothing happen, rather than be not cautious enough and tragedy strike. Although snow days may be an annoyance for some, the safety of children is far more important.

  • Cause kids will get hurt

    If kids go to school they can get hurt so the teacher can set up a online class during snow days. Kids will get a little more free time and teachers.
    Frostbite hurts a lot. So i think that snow day are necessary because kids will get hurt and will get free time.

  • NO just because

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  • Its better to be safe

    Its better to be safe than be seriously injured by a car crash or a bus flipping. So I think it is unnecessary to be punished for something we cannot control like weather. So if schools think it is fair than its there problem not ours they need to discus it with the boar of ed

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