Are most teens incapable of acting responsibly?

Asked by: Fanny
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  • This is discriminating an entire age group.

    Teenagers are nowadays becoming smarter and more informed. It isn't their fault they have a bad name. All over the media they report only teenagers doing antisocial acts but there is many more adults and persons of other age groups doing the same and worse. I believe strongly that teenagers are well capable of being responsible.

  • I think teens now days are becoming smarter.

    I mean teens lives are reforming now days. The way kids are growing up in toady's world there are obtaining lots of knowledge from what going around them. Also schools are helping kids alot these days. The education system has improved through out the country which effect child thinking going into teenage life.

  • Everyone has the potentional to be responsible

    When I was a teenager, I was a very responsible. I had numerous jobs during high school along with taking college class at the St. Cloud Technical College. Everyone has the potential to be a responsible individual. As a matter of personal choice, some individuals will never act responsible. The sins of one are not the sins of many.

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Alexandir says2013-06-13T12:22:39.090
Straight answer - no