• Duh duh duh

    Men say all this dumb shit about women should be taking care of the kids and deserve less pay and then turn around and even wanna pat themselves on the back for not molesting their children? Fathers rape way more than mothers, fathers kill more beat more etc
    they're only good for what's in their wallet and useless when it comes to raising an emotionally stable adult

  • Mothers are more loving than fathers by nature.

    Babies develop inside of the mother’s body for 9 months, so
    it should come as no surprise that when they are born, they are often closer to
    their mothers than their fathers.
    Fathers are more often known as providers and protectors, while mothers
    play the role of nurses or caretakers.
    This is the way that Mother Nature designed it.

  • Mothers are much more likely to coddle their children, which will not let them become model adults once they are grown.

    Women seem to have this crazy idea that because the court system’s default setting is to award custody to the mother 85% of the time means that they’re better parents.
    This of course, is laugh out loud funny because everyone knows girls raised by single mothers usually end up as mentally ill sluts, and boys raised by single moms are much more likely run into trouble with the law.
    On the flip side, it’s common knowledge that girls raised without fathers are far more promiscuous than girls raised with them (hence the term “daddy issues”) and boys raised by a strong male figure are exponentially more successful in every aspect of life.

  • Mothers are not always better caretakers than fathers.

    Fathers can be good caretakers as well, some even better than mothers. Fathers have a different connection to the child or the person he is taking care of. He has different methods and different reasons on taking care their child. Fathers usually take the man figure in the family and this special characteristic cannot be given by a normal mother.

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