• Yes they are.

    I am of the firm belief that mothers are indeed much better parents that fathers. They are more caring and nurturing for the child, and seem to have a much better emotional understanding of what the kid is going through as it makes its way through the process of growing up.

  • Mothers are better parents than fathers.

    First, mothers form a much stronger bond with the child and are more in tune with the child's needs and feelings. Second, mothers generally spend a lot more time in actual child rearing and care taking, doing most of the cooking and shopping for the child, as well as supervising schoolwork and social activities outside of school. These are all important tasks and the typical father is not very involved in them.

  • Yes, Mother is a better caretaker than a father

    I am not saying that a father is not important. Of course he is. I am simply stating that a mother is better. I would like to highlight that most holy books mention the importance and significance of a mother. Yes they do state fathers too. But not with as much importance as is given to the mother. Of course there are many things that you can love and say about your father. But a mother is a mother no matter what. Am a person who loves both my parents. But, If i am made to choose i WILL choose my mother.

  • If Mama's Not Happy, Nobody's Happy

    First of all, most likely the dad proposed. I get the dad spent money on the ring, but he's the reason you're in a family. Most kids want to spend time alone, but dads keep butting in your business when you wane alone time. BTW, moms are better than dads.

  • Mothers are better in so many ways

    Mothers are the ones that form stronger bonds with the children.She is the one that cares most .She is the one that provides all what i need i love her because she is the one that support anything reasonable i say .I do not know who will ever say father are better than father

  • Mum is the best

    Mom takes the right desecion .
    They give us the best of all.
    They worry about us the most.
    They keep us in their tummy for nine months.
    Therefore I prefer my mother the most .
    They actually undertake our problem s.
    They let us make fun with them.
    I like seriously the most

  • Mother are better

    Dads can go days, weeks, months, without seeing their kids and mothers are there. We suffer 9 months with the babies we sacrifice our bodies and the deliver of the baby and the healing. We do all this for our children. When worry so much about them and can not bare to be away from them. Yes not all moms are great parents not all dad are either. But there’s more deadbeat dads then dead beat moms

  • I think that they are both the best.

    Moms are amazing because they help with reading and writing, and Dads are amazing because they help with cooking and teach you to swim and help ride a bike without training wheels. So yeah both Moms and Dads are freaking amazing, you can have your own opinion but this is mine.

  • Mothers are the best ones

    Listen people who think fathers are great that's good to hear but look you don't understand that there's types of fathers that mess up the look for fathers from drunk to anger, and yes there is mothers out there were made a bad look for mothers but not as much as fathers.

  • Mums are better

    Well, I think this because they help us get healthier and stronger. They cook the most delicious food for children to eat. While on the other hand, Dads are very lazy at cooking and don’t bother to get a cook book out. That is why I think this is correct.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Have you not seen the statistics. Single mothers excel at one thing: raising criminals and basket-cases, 4 out of 5 times. Look at the worst, most crime infested ghettos and the most impoverished neighborhoods, the kids with the lowest educations, highest rate of criminal records and the worst future prospects financially. The one overriding factor here was not race, political, or economic status. It was the fact that those kids were being raised by single mothers. The single father demographic does not have the same problem, not even by a long shot.

  • Mothers and fathers can do wonders, alone? Not so much!

    Would a father let her daughter date at 14? NO! Would a father be ok with the daughter getting pregnant at 14? Hell NO! Would a father let a daughter talk back to her mother in an disrespectful way? Over his dead body! Would a father let his daughter be getting home at 7 am the next morning after partying all night? NO way Jose! Would a father let the daughter date assholes? Perhaps that will be a little difficult to avoid but he would do his best to not let it happen. Mothers don't have the image of authority that fathers naturally have, and the things that mother see as right and normal fathers DON'T, and most of those things that mothers see as normal usually are the things that I mentioned early, getting pregnant and being promiscuous etc, etc. so NO, mothers or... Most mothers are not good at raising our children, not in a million years!

  • Oh hell no

    Shit do I hate my mother ''logic? Privacy? Common sense? Never heard of those things haha'' god damn mother I've never in my life ever had a problem with my father yet my mother keep talking shit about oem, nothing I do is good enough, EVERYTHING has to be done her way, privacy is non existant, shit I wish she would die

  • Fathers can be just as nurturing as mothers.

    For everyone saying mothers are more nurturing than fathers, you're wrong. When a father is left as a single parent or the primary caregiver something activates in their brains that gives them the ability to be just as nurturing or more nurturing than most mothers, as well as the ability to be a father.

  • Fathers are great parents.

    Just because you gave birth doesn't mean you have a better bond with the child, the father helps influence you to become a better person. A father can be strict with you, but love you at the same time. People need to realize that while mothers are vital to nurturing a kid, without the fathers help makes the kids future so much worse

  • SO SEXIST omg

    What the hell even is this? NO! Being female does not automatically make you a better, more caring person and if you think that you are very clearly just the opposite of that. Mothers can walk out just like fathers. Mothers can be mean and their kids can resent them. I personally always preferred my Dad. Stupid sexist old fashioned gender roles mean nothing. Gender isn't real and doesn't affect your personality. This even needing to be asked makes me mad!

  • You Could be mother though u are a man

    LEts face some aspect, which no one has ever thought before. Female lose there ability to become mother after sometime, while males can produce sperms throughout there life. It depends wholesolely on men what will be the sex of baby. While mother carries baby in the womb for nine months and nurses the baby, father carries the responsibility of mother like true parent both emotionally, financially and physically. He is a pillar of financial security which provides her all the necessary medical care, support and nutrition which is necessary for both mother and child. Father ensures that mother suffers least during labor pain which can be reduced by giving epidural but answer me is there and analgesic which can reduce the mental labor pain of father outside delivery room? Father ensures that the health of mother and child is maintained and they get best attention so he provides best support. Just answer me is it possible for women to produce milk if she is not pregnant, and who is responsible for that pregnancy? If mother is breast feeding and infants is getting proper food then it is because of father who is providing all the healthy and nutritious food to the women. If mother nurses her baby, father nurses mother and baby throughout the life by burning his blood and sweat in day to day struggle of survival. He suffers pain and agony so that his wife and child keep smiling. So father are equally important.

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  • It depends on individual.

    Nope, mothers are not necessarily the better parents than fathers. It depends on the individuals. I have seen deadbeat fathers and deadbeat mothers whom neglected their children. I have also seen fathers doing better parenting than their wives. It's wrong to generalize the whole gender with one idea. It's sexist and unjust for the fathers.

  • It depends 😑

    Hey, you can have a mean parent that happens to be a girl but I think it isn't a competition. There is no way you can judge a parent because of there gender. How silly is that? Like what if you are a cool mom and they think you are boring just because you are a girl

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Anonymous says2013-05-23T17:24:42.103
I disagree! Not all moms are good parents!
JohnGormley says2014-01-10T10:06:11.170
If mothers really were better for children how come mothers kill twice as many of their own children as men do?