• It's all in the genes.

    Mothers are genetically designed to be better than fathers. They have the two X chromosomes that make mothers more inclined to caring for kids than fathers. From what I've observed from all three of my moms kids. My dad left us. My little brothers dad has pretty much abandoned him. My youngest brothers dad doesn't do crap to help my mom with him. Dads have a way of shutting things out that moms just can't seem to do. Granted, you may find few exceptions, but overall mothersdo tend to be better than fathers

  • No, all parents are wonderful.

    No, mothers are not better than fathers, because there is nothing about having a certain set of reproductive organs that makes one person a better or more necessary parent than the other. Children need both of their parents. Fathers should not be discriminated against in the court system. There are bad fathers out there, but there are bad mothers too.

  • Mothers are not better than fathers

    Mothers and fathers have different roles and influences on the lives of their children. There is no way to qualify or quantify those effects in a way that would show that one is better than the other. In a perfect world, all children would have both a strong mother and a strong father.

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