Are mothers responsible for the deeds of their children?

  • Yes, Within Limits

    Should a mother be held responsible if her child one day short of the age of majority commits a heinous crime? Of course not. However, parents (both mother and father) should carry some amount of responsibility for the conduct of their children. Parents are generally the primary caregivers of children, and also the individuals primarily responsible for the socialization of their children. Therefore, it follows that, to a degree, the parents are responsible for the actions of their children.

  • Oh wow, seriously oh wow

    The fact this debate is even going on is just retarded, I mean to that logic you could blame Adolf Hitler's mother for World War 2, shame on Mrs.Hitler.

    But without sounding like a sarcastic tw@ were do you stop blaming, because you could blame that mother for that mothers mistakes and so on, and eventually you'd be blaming basic eukaryotic life forms for mistakes.

  • Both parents are responsible for how they raise a child but not for that child's actions

    It is impossible for any parent, mother or father, to fully control a child’s behavior. Therefore how can it be right to say that the parent is responsible for something she or he cannot fully control?

    Some parents do a better job than others, but it does not follow that the parent can be held responsible for another human being’s behavior, even that of her own children. Just as a parent should not claim all the credit for her child’s accomplishments and success nor should a parent be heaped with blame when the child fails in some way.

    BOTH parents however ARE morally responsible to society for providing a healthy upbringing for any children they have brought into this world together. Such an upbringing includes proper role-modeling, lots of love and guidance, and a healthy lifestyle to support a healthy brain since the brain generally fuels our behaviors for better or worse.

    As long as the parent is providing that healthy upbringing to the best of his or her ability and according to circumstances, she is meeting her obligation to society and to the child.

    As an example, when a three-year-old hits another child in the head with a block, the attentive mother and father will step in to correct the child and offer an apology, not because the parent was to blame for his child hurting another child, but because he needs to model the proper responses so his child can eventually learn for herself how to make amends when she has hurt someone.

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