Are motorized skateboards dangerous than the old-fashioned ones?

  • More dangerous, but only slightly

    Motorized skateboards are more dangerous than manually propelled skateboards because they go faster. If you fall off a skateboard at 20 mph instead of 15 mph you're more likely to be hurt. In my opinion, the motorized skateboards aren't dangerous enough to be banned, but they are dangerous enough that people need to be careful when they ride one.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe motorized skateboards are more dangerous than the old-fashioned ones. Skateboards are about controlling the board so you don't fall down. Adding a motor takes away some of the control, so I believe they are more dangerous. Old-fashioned skateboards are safer and I feel they are much easier to use.

  • Yes, motorized skateboards are more dangerous than old-fashioned skateboards.

    Yes, skateboards that are motorized are absolutely more dangerous to use than traditional or old fashioned skateboards. By having a motorized element, the skateboard will travel at much faster speeds. As a result, operators (mostly children and young people) of motorized skateboards can lose control more easily and a fall from the skateboard can result in more significant injury than a fall from a skateboard going at a traditional speed.

  • It Depends On the Individual

    I have been skateboarding for quite some time and speed is not the element of danger involved with skateboarding. It is the inexperience that is usually the cause of skating injuries, they are both dangerous but it depends on the person.

    But a definite answer of No can be given based on the fact that the electric "skateboard" inhibits you from doing tricks or skating obstacles. This is probably the most risk related activity you would face while on a skateboard, taking that out of the equation would leave you with a much safer situation.

  • No we can do the right thing

    In today's age in that of motorized skateboards they may or may not be more dangerous than that of the old styles. One could simply come up with a list of things that are both good and bad for the motorized ones that we see today however, the old fashioned ones can be negative too

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