• One of the best forms.

    Cinema is an art form. Although some people abuse it as a way to cash in on a book, most films are works of cinematic art. They're the work of genius, and creativity. Movies invoke emotions, they have stories. They create an entire universe with this story that the audience follows. Like art has Picasso, Warhol, and Da Vinci, film has Kubrick, Nolan & Tarantino.

    If you're only familiar with certain films like action films or chick flicks, look up these brilliant and original masterpieces.

    - Magnolia
    - Donnie Darko
    - Being John Malkovich
    - The Sixth Sense
    - Fargo
    - The Pianist
    - American Beauty

  • The seventh art

    People at first went crazy over how artistic filming is. Somehow at this century we’ve lost the enthusiasm with netflix and so many flicks being released. Cinema or else the seventh art is debatable whether is a fine art or generally and art because some support it does not stand out as something created rather it combines arts but this is wrong. Directing, Visual effects, Photographers, Musicians these are all artists working to a common art piece. . Making a film. In my opinion you can't find a more refined, Humane and beautiful art. Refined because every detail matters, Humane because hundreds of people work on every single film and beautiful because if created well it has an undeniable beauty and mark in history.

  • It is because it takes as much if not more effort as other art forms. And also combines multiple types

    I mean think about it, It combines photography, Music, And drama. And in turn in some cases still let's the audience take from it what they want too. And that would be the best arguement for it not being art. They might say that the purpose of art is for the looker to take from a certain art peice and take a meaning of it. And in movies you do just that.

  • Art as a definition.

    The definition from the oxford dictionary simply says this:
    "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, Typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, Producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. "
    But its the first line that has the biggest impact, ". . . Expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. . ". So anything that is creative and uses imagination is art. Movies are art.

  • Movies are art

    Movies are created by the directors vision just like a painting is an artists vision. It takes time and passion just like a book. More importantly a movie is escapism which is what all art should be. When you read a book what are you doing, You are escaping into the world of those characters into whatever problem has arisen that's all movies do but through visual mediums.

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder.

    Don't say Movies aren't ART. It is a Synergy of many Arts.Music,Writing,Painting,Sound,Acting,Sets. They all are just different forms of Art which dance together to celebrate and manufacture Hypnotic Masterpieces what we call as Movies.
    Cinema is magic in service of dreams. Cinema has the power to bend our views and enlighten our mind.

  • Yes they are

    Because art involves emotion and that is exactly what happens in movies yoou might even cry so it is just true that it is truew that poeple in th worlds ar etrie and yej ei jsut real and fu c u qnd yes why do e ieve nedd eo e

  • What is art afterall

    Arts is way to convey your feelings your emotions , which can reach to the person and can get through his soul and that what movie are , they are a form of story telling , so if you consider books , video games , painting , sketches , anything that tells a story is art

  • Art can be Anything...

    So long as the artist (in this case, the director) intends for it to be art. Obviously, something like an Adam Sandler comedy or a Michael Bay action movie could not be considered art, but a Hitchcock movie, a Spielberg movie, or in some cases, even a Tarantino movie could be considered true art.

  • Without a doubt.

    A movie is a medium which an artist, in this case the director, can capture a wide variety of different motions through images and sounds. From the mportance of a cut, to a frivalous tracking-shot, to an amazing score paired along with all that, movies are just pure magic.

    Some amazing directors that defi itely changed the game

    Stanley Kubrick
    Martin Scorsese
    Orson Welles
    Woody Allen
    Steven Spielberg
    Quentin Tarantino

  • If I want to see Art I will go to an Art Gallary.

    I don't think films are art, I think that it's more often used as a form of creative outlets, But that does not make them art, I think the point is schewed by a ton of wannabe critics, Entertainment journalists and the film industry itself in order to paint themselves of a higher form than the actual fact it's a medium that has only existed for a century and a half and in that time while many will claim films are "life-changing" they really have no impact aside from someone fantasying themselves in the world it creates or the message it tries to evoke.

    I don't recall a film ever-changing the way the world operates because it doesn't have the ability to do so and if it did then that would be a shame as it's pretty silly to base an entire level of intelligence over the quality of a simple film.

    People will claim that a director is the sole artist, But that is just not true, The only artist in this case is a studio or a bunch of people who got togher to make a film. There are cases where 1 person managed to make an entire film themselves, But that is still not worthy of calling them an artist, They are simply another filmmaker in an ocean of filmmakers.

    An art gallery has tons of pictures that many might say don't deserve to be hanged, But they none the less came from a person or even a few people to construct, But the difference here is that they are made almost from nothing, A film takes different stages to make and even more to construct and sell. At the end of the day, No one is inclined to make a film for art reasons, Some are just in it for money, Fame or social acclaim. But a person or persons who makes painting give more care and vision than any filmmaker money or fame not guranteed.

  • A Movie is Not a Logical Art Form

    ”When we watch a film, the director is essentially standing behind us and saying, "Look here," and "Look there," "Hear this," and "Hear that," and "Feel this," and "Feel the way I want you to feel." And we give up conscious control over our intelligence. We become voyeurs. We become people who are absorbed into the story, if the story is working. And it's an emotional experience.”
    “Roger Joseph Ebert was the all-time best-known, most successful movie critic in cinema history.”

  • I wouldn't see how movies could ever be defined as art.

    Movies are an incredibly shallow and mediocre way to entertain yourself.
    A book would have a similar effect, but it would also induce a more complex thought.
    Movies are a perfect escapist's dream, and there is nothing wrong with it, but that is called entertainment, rather than art; and, as long as art might also be entertaining, pure entertainment can never be art.

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