• One of the best forms.

    Cinema is an art form. Although some people abuse it as a way to cash in on a book, most films are works of cinematic art. They're the work of genius, and creativity. Movies invoke emotions, they have stories. They create an entire universe with this story that the audience follows. Like art has Picasso, Warhol, and Da Vinci, film has Kubrick, Nolan & Tarantino.

    If you're only familiar with certain films like action films or chick flicks, look up these brilliant and original masterpieces.

    - Magnolia
    - Donnie Darko
    - Being John Malkovich
    - The Sixth Sense
    - Fargo
    - The Pianist
    - American Beauty

  • Movies are art

    Movies are created by the directors vision just like a painting is an artists vision. It takes time and passion just like a book. More importantly a movie is escapism which is what all art should be. When you read a book what are you doing, You are escaping into the world of those characters into whatever problem has arisen that's all movies do but through visual mediums.

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder.

    Don't say Movies aren't ART. It is a Synergy of many Arts.Music,Writing,Painting,Sound,Acting,Sets. They all are just different forms of Art which dance together to celebrate and manufacture Hypnotic Masterpieces what we call as Movies.
    Cinema is magic in service of dreams. Cinema has the power to bend our views and enlighten our mind.

  • Yes they are

    Because art involves emotion and that is exactly what happens in movies yoou might even cry so it is just true that it is truew that poeple in th worlds ar etrie and yej ei jsut real and fu c u qnd yes why do e ieve nedd eo e

  • What is art afterall

    Arts is way to convey your feelings your emotions , which can reach to the person and can get through his soul and that what movie are , they are a form of story telling , so if you consider books , video games , painting , sketches , anything that tells a story is art

  • Art can be Anything...

    So long as the artist (in this case, the director) intends for it to be art. Obviously, something like an Adam Sandler comedy or a Michael Bay action movie could not be considered art, but a Hitchcock movie, a Spielberg movie, or in some cases, even a Tarantino movie could be considered true art.

  • Without a doubt.

    A movie is a medium which an artist, in this case the director, can capture a wide variety of different motions through images and sounds. From the mportance of a cut, to a frivalous tracking-shot, to an amazing score paired along with all that, movies are just pure magic.

    Some amazing directors that defi itely changed the game

    Stanley Kubrick
    Martin Scorsese
    Orson Welles
    Woody Allen
    Steven Spielberg
    Quentin Tarantino

  • Movies are the BEST Kind of Art.

    It's not just because I'm madly in love with movies, but I realized over the years that movies are simply something incredible and the best thing mankind could have ever created. I am deeply fascinated, easily drawn to, can emotionally connect in the vast film industry. I LOVE Horror movies, I LOVE Comedy, I LOVE Christian movies, I LOVE Science Fiction movies, I LOVE Action movies, I LOVE Superhero movies, I LOVE Drama movies, I LOVE Disney animation movies, I just LOVE movies in general! When it comes to films, I just have no boundaries. The only genre I don't see is "gay and lesbian" movies, that's about it. Everything else is a pure go see it.

    People who bash movies or bash movies with horror and violence elements don't realize what movies actually are, and the many good things it has done and will do in the future. They don't know what "movies" are meant for, they are meant for many things. Why are you worried over nudity or over the top gore? There's nothing wrong with it. If you can't "take" nudity or blood, then don't watch it! Don't bash the people who do! Yes, even "breaking a leg" is an art, and I'm talking in literal terms. Don't understand why people love horror movies? Search it up! There are many interesting articles as to why we love FEAR. You will be surprised....Because science CAN explain it, and it already has. Don't be such a wuss.

    Movies are a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture. It's a visualization based on an idea someone decided to create, using technology and the power of brains, along with other people to help create this "fantasy" visual telling. It's a story put together by talent, hard work, and dedication. It can entertain, inform, persuade, praise, please, inspire, scare, cry an audience and critics. It's the best art to go, and movies definitely have inspired me plenty. Whether I liked the film or not, I still gave enough care to give it a well-thought review, whether it's "mixed", "positive", or "negative". Movies are just one out of the 4 things that will always be on my side and one of the things that define who I am and what I am. Peace.

  • They are an expression

    I believe movies can be a work of art. It's different though because there are various artists that combine their talents to make visual art. You have the director who visualizes the scenes, the writer who created it, the make up artists, the most vital part are the actors also because it is their talent and skills that pull the movie together. Yes it is a form of self expression therefore it is art.

  • Movies are art.

    Although a lot of movies are just escapist fantasies, a lot of others are legitimate art. There are numerous film festivals that display and honor artsy films. There is nothing about the medium of film that makes it artistic or not. But film is a serious forum for real art to be displayed.

  • A Movie is Not a Logical Art Form

    ”When we watch a film, the director is essentially standing behind us and saying, "Look here," and "Look there," "Hear this," and "Hear that," and "Feel this," and "Feel the way I want you to feel." And we give up conscious control over our intelligence. We become voyeurs. We become people who are absorbed into the story, if the story is working. And it's an emotional experience.”
    “Roger Joseph Ebert was the all-time best-known, most successful movie critic in cinema history.”

  • I wouldn't see how movies could ever be defined as art.

    Movies are an incredibly shallow and mediocre way to entertain yourself.
    A book would have a similar effect, but it would also induce a more complex thought.
    Movies are a perfect escapist's dream, and there is nothing wrong with it, but that is called entertainment, rather than art; and, as long as art might also be entertaining, pure entertainment can never be art.

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