• They Are Bad

    Everyone knows that when you sit in front of that screen you are wasting 2 hours of your life but did you also know that movies actually stop brain function , make you more aggressive and they also make you less likely to read the book and as we all know - reading helps you a lot

  • They arfe basd

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  • They arfe basd

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  • Entertainment is the new "Opiate of the Masses"

    Conditionally, "yes." I work in the entertainment industry as a writer/director/producer, so I pay for my mortgage thanks to television. With that said, I also believe entertainment has replaced religion as the "opiate of the masses." Certainly cinema can be high art and can provide scathing, insightful and poignant political commentary (thus "conditionally"). But I am playing devil's advocate here. Most movies are mindless excursions of escape. I believe society would be better served by a movie-less (and TV-less) entertainment palette. Books (e-books, in modern parlance) and reading in general does wonders for intellectual acuity. I won't defend my position because, as I said, it's that of a devil's advocate. From my own experience, cutting cable TV (as well as most movies) from my life over 5 years ago was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Haven't regretted it for a moment, and appreciate the decision more with every passing year.

    Posted by: dj21
  • Movies are the best duh

    Some of them teach you real life stuff or events based of true stories and sometimes it can make a huge impact in your life. If you think about it, you can learn a lot by watching movies that talk about real life situations, you learn things that you didn't know and as a parent in certain occasions it might help you to start a conversation with your child about drugs, sexuality, depression and many more topics if the movie is about that.

  • Obstructs our time management

    Suppose we want to prepare for tomorrow's exam, and you like movies
    And there comes movie in tv that u like your concentration in study decreases. Movies doesn't give rest to brain unlike outdoor and indoor games.
    Movie make u think of scene in movies that makes ur mind weaker

  • 2 wasted hours

    Movies are bad for you because of how long they take. Usually, movies are about 2 hours long. Video games, reading, or other forms of entertainment don't require you to sit in front of a screen for that long. This can hurt your eye site, affect your brain, and so on.

  • Some movies are bad.

    Not all are though. I count good cinema as art: movies with original beautiful plots that not only entertain but inform and change you slightly. Movies that leave you reeling and shocked. Appalled and baffled. Movies that leave you attempting to figure out the plot and cause you to think.
    Documentaries are sometimes presented badly and stuffed full of crap with over-edited interviews that are like so to cast someone in a good or bad light. These are bad. But good documentaries can help convey messages to people who do not enjoy reading and need to watch. Visual learners. I may not be one but I certainly learn loads from documentaries.
    Movies show the past, great moments, inform the population and I personally love to be able to escape sometimes. I am very social however good movies (and definitely books) allow for escape and shelter for a time to cool off and recharge my batteries. To stimulate and invigorate me. I can exercise while watching a movie and will have gained more than muscle and stamina.
    I feel that there is ten times more to gain from reading but must say that not all movies are bad.
    Sorry if this argument sounds bad and is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes for I am in a rush and have little time to complete this. Thank you

  • Movies are bad

    Movies are not entertaining neither educating. Cinema might be born as an entertainment but it will die as an Art. Here is a collection of art pieces, films that have achieved a certain degree of aesthetic perfection or moral maturity. A good movie deals with the imperfect balance between fiction and reality and how cinema is a conscious attempt to bring reality to another dimension. It reminds you what it means to be human and how much you can control your own perception.

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