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Movies are better than books.

  I like movies because they are more enjoyable and they do not take as much time. And you can see the movies with your friends. And it is a lot easier to visualize. They are just better. They are also a lot cheaper than books. Books can be very expensive.
eruditeravenclaw says2015-11-29T01:12:52.143
Hmm, most movies I've seen are more expensive than books....
xXxShhhxXx says2017-03-27T12:29:45.960
There is a thing called Netflix
xXxShhhxXx says2017-03-27T12:30:06.207
There is a thing called Netflix.
xXxShhhxXx says2017-03-27T12:30:48.033
SpaceUnicorns6 says2017-04-01T20:35:10.443
Cheaper doesn't always mean better. I'd rather pay $20 to read a good book that'll last me a week or two than watch a movie for $10 that will last up to 2 hours. Also, longer can be a good thing. It means you can read at your own pace and take as long as you like - or finish it as fast as you can. Movies you are limited to a certain amount of time, a certain scene, a certain visual, a certain sound. Books can be interpreted in so many different ways. You say, "a lot easier to visualize", but in a movie, you're not visualizing at all. In a book, you can use your imagination and see the characters the way you want to see them, not the way a director does.
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