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Haning out with friends

Β Β Social opportunities! Books can be very anti social! When watching a movie you can talk to your friends and look back at the movie and you still know what's happening. This is alot harder with books because you have to mark were your up to with your finger and you get really confused
Vanguardian says2014-05-26T13:05:39.937
Vanguardian says2014-05-26T13:05:50.410
Not Haning
eruditeravenclaw says2015-11-29T01:07:17.150
You need to read a book. Your grammar has died.
eruditeravenclaw says2015-11-29T01:18:30.667
Did not mean to submit that twice. Sorry.
Door510 says2016-03-04T19:24:11.563
But, if you are talking while you are watching the movies, you will miss something in the movies. Plus, what is the point of watching movies, if the only things you want to do is talk?
SpaceUnicorns6 says2017-04-01T20:51:04.523
Ah, yes, I absolutely love to Han out with friends. Haning out with friends is so fun.
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