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Easier to understand

  The movies bring the book to life and it sets the scene on what the movie and the book is about. Movies go into more depth than the books do. Movies tells a story that teaches morals and life lessons about real-life situations. They can sometimes solve real world problems.
Amelia3 says2014-01-04T19:24:18.067
Easy doesn't = better
movies go into more depth than the books do: it's actually the opposite

Movies tells a story that teaches morals and life lessons about real life situations: And books don't? Uh hello the movie is BASED on the book just by that the book is going to offer more lessons than the movie.

They can 'sometimes' solve world problems: This is just no it's like I'm not even going to...I would ask for proof but this is the type of thing you just know isn't true
Robert42 says2014-10-23T19:22:27.853
Wait which movie was it again that established world peace in our newly established eutopian sociaty.
Spiro.Veneti says2014-12-14T15:32:59.153
This is complitely wrong everything you actualy said is totaly the opposite, and furthermore, movies destroys all what youre mind created from the book, and sometimes makes it wors. Movies sometimes even create another message and not the same as books.
Jdog2 says2015-09-26T15:27:00.767
Have you ever even read a book?
Books let you know and understand what the characters are thinking and feeling which is sometimes impossible to portray on screen.
Also, while reading you get to visualize the setting and the looks of the characters in your own image (along with pointers from the author) while watching a movie takes away the creativity in the story.
SpaceUnicorns6 says2017-04-01T20:48:19.820
I agree with Jdog2, Spiro.Veneti and Amelia3; the exact opposite of what you said is correct.
Books often go into waayyy more depth than movies, because in movies, there's no 'time' for that. I agree it does 'set the scene' - sets a scene that you cannot get out of your head! It is so hard to visualize ANYTHING from a book after watching te movie without seeing what was displayed then. I like to imagine characters for myself, thank you.
You do know that books are based on movies most of the time, right? If there was a moral in the movie, there was probably on in the book.
"They can sometimes solve real world problems." uhh, since when were movies created for anything other than entertainment? Yeah, people have problem-solving skills and they save the day and whatnot, but THAT HAPPENED IN THE BOOK, TOO!
"easier to understand"
Since when? Last time I watched a movie, it was so fast-paced I had to pause it and then rewatch scenes again and again to understand. God forbid if I was in a movie theater. In books, you can read at your own pace and take as long as you like - or finish it as fast as you can. You can take time to understand.

Plus, books are quiet
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