• Haning out with friends

    Social opportunities! Books can be very anti social! When watching a movie you can talk to your friends and look back at the movie and you still know what's happening. This is alot harder with books because you have to mark were your up to with your finger and you get really confused

  • Easier to understand

    The movies bring the book to life and it sets the scene on what the movie and the book is about. Movies go into more depth than the books do. Movies tells a story that teaches morals and life lessons about real-life situations. They can sometimes solve real world problems.

  • Movies are better than books.

    I like movies because they are more enjoyable and they do not take as much time. And you can see the movies with your friends. And it is a lot easier to visualize. They are just better. They are also a lot cheaper than books. Books can be very expensive.

  • Aesthetics and Accessibility

    Movies are undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing to watch, and assists greatly in the promotion of a book or the globalisation of a story. For example, the 'book' may have been 'better' than the movie, but the book would never have become famous if it wasn't f for the help of its promotion by the film. It also much more accessible to the general population, especially those who flinch at the sight of a book.

  • Alot More Expression

    In movies you can tell if a character is mad, sad, happy, drunk, and more. In books you only read words. For example: 'By the look on Christi's face, I can tell she was in love with Garry.' from I Don't Want You Go By. Movies just have that vibe everyone loves. Its more relaxing too!

  • The sociable factor

    You would never go out and buy sweets and get excited to sit down and read a book but with a film it is not just that you can watch the film, however it is the chat afterwards, the laughing and re-telling. You never do this with a book however a film is more sociable.

  • Movies are better than books

    I believe that movies are better than books. The first reason I believe this is so is because movies are more visually appealing. Many people do not like books because there are too many words. More people would go to see a movie instead of reading the book. Also, some books are just harder to read for younger audiences, but if they see the movie they may be able to understand it better. An example of this is Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books are very long and sometimes hard to understand; the movies, on the other hand, are much easier to understand and a lot of fun to watch.
    Movies are also more appealing for the ears. There is a lot of music and speaking in a movie. Many people enjoy the sounds of another person's voice.
    Movies also create more job opportunities. There are many different aspects with creating a movie. There is a producer, a writer, a director, actors, makeup artists, etc. At this point in time, the world needs jobs. With more jobs, the world's economy becomes better. With books, there are only a small amount of jobs per book.
    Also in movies, there are a lot of special effects. Special effects can help the mind see something better than they imagined in the first place. For example, there could be a car crash in a book, and you could just see one car crashing into another one, but, in a movie you could see one car crash into another and blow up. This just looks and sounds more exciting. Special effects help the imagination grow.

  • Books are wasting paper

    Movies will help us understand more about story because if your not good at reading you can watch a movies and you will understand all of the events and solution all in those films. Movies can watch with friends, family, and have fun together. If you dont know the words in the book , you have to translate it and maybe you will get lost.

  • Because i am dislexic

    I am dislexic, therefore i find it very hard to read books, however movies are simple for me to understand and consume. I just tried to submit this there, but it told me i needed a minimum of fifty words, which is outragous to be frank! Like you cannot see the Hunger Games girls raw beauty through the book, well i'm assuming this, however if there is a picture book version of the book, i vote books are better than movies!

  • Disadvantages of books turned to be advantages of movies.

    1) Books are often written in academic or difficult to understand language while a film shows all significant facts in a manner accessible to all viewers. Reading is almost always boring: some people fall asleep; some can’t imagine the given situation others prefer to go and see a movie instead of it. Also, some books are just harder to read for younger audiences, but if they see the movie they may get the idea better and enjoy the special effects, what also helps the imagination to develop. An example of this is Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books are very long and sometimes include complicated words; the movies, on the other hand, are much easier to understand and a lot of fun to watch, they are more appealing for the ears. There is a lot of music and speaking in a movie.

  • Books Have Feelings

    Films can bring whole worlds to life before our eyes, make characters into living, breathing flesh and blood, but books let you LIVE everything'
    They let you feel all of the emotions that everyone in the book is feeling if someone gets hurt, like if someone got shot in the stomach you instantly grab your stomach as you feel a sting in that area. Movies can skip important details and they cant always show you how people come to conclusions so they just say it.

  • You have to actually put 2 brain cells together to read and comprehend a book.

    While watching a movie you don't imagine what the character looks like or sounds like but with a book you are the characters! You live in their eyes. It will open your mind and do so much more than just broaden your vocabulary. Imagine ( this will be hard for those who think movies are better than books) that there were no books on Earth. Where would we have learned to follow our dreams, stand up for what's right, be who we are, say what we feel or even just read? Since the first television was invented people have been getting increasingly obese, lazy and scientists have even proven that our brain has reduced 10% in size in the past 100 years- so basically since we started letting machines work for us. Let e dumb it down for those of you that prefer movies- if people keep not reading then people will become fat, lazy, dumb and die.

  • Books have more development

    I am 15 and I am an avid reader I believe that movies give us a better vocabulary and understanding of unusual words, and books have more time to develop characters and story.Movies tend to be at the longer side 3 hours long while books have an unlimited frame of how much development they can have due to the fact that if you wanted your book could be short like 20-50 page long stories, or they could be 400-any number of page long novels. In my opinion I want to relate to characters and for this to happen they need to have a lot of time put into each characters backstory in movies there is only so much time for this due to the budget, books could just increase price by about five dollars and the only price difference is that of e paper used to make books. If you extended a movie you had to pay all the actors in the scenes a lot more money along with the makeup artists, director, and other workers in the film industry. Therefore I can connect better to characters if I have read a book, but the same story as a movie I will care less because there is less development and it seems a bit fake due to the rapid changes in character. This is why I prefer books to movies.

  • Books will always be better

    There are millions of reasons why books are better than movies, but one of them is this: books unfold at their own pace, and you in turn can read at your own tempo. You can't really pause a movie every five minutes to digest the new information, and directors can't just make the movie fifty hours long, so they cut out some essential scenes, which makes them have to rewrite the plot entirely. As well, most movies shove the ninety minutes of film down your throats, and it's often very confusing and disorienting.

  • Mental Health and Education

    When reading, you expand your vocabulary and hone in on your focus. Not just that, reading also helps your writing skills. The phrases you pick up, the different vocabulary used by different people around the world. The different characters that you subconsciously absorb while reading. You also learn how to talk pretty. Some colleges look to see that you’re reading. Columbia and Stanford University ask you about it in your Common Application supplement along with Princeton and more. It's also one of the most relaxing things to do. Why reach for the stars, when you can reach for a book and have the stars, the sun and the moon.

  • The movie always misses something!

    Whether it be a small inside joke you laughed at for five minutes in your bed at midnight or your favorite character (*cough cough* DIVERGENT *cough cough* MARLENE!) because the writers can’t fit them in or don’t find them relevant. The movies are always disappointing because they miss important details.

  • Nothing else to say

    Book is much better than movie, because it lets you escape from the real world to you own. Movie just makes you see how cruel and consume this world is.
    Plus when children read from an early age, they are thaught to read quickly and search things in a book way much more quickly than their peers.

  • Books Let You Be The Director

    There's a good reason for this. I have read countless arguments about why movies are better for you because they don't kill trees, they have less words, they give you more room to imagine, they set the scene better than books, they are more descriptive. No. They are most definitely NOT more descriptive. Books are practically all description. You set the scene for yourself, using YOUR OWN imagination, not the directors. In a movie, which I have to say, can seem more visually appealing, you are told what to see, how to feel about it, who the characters are, what they are wearing, how they react to things. Movies don't leave room to the imagination, they take away from it. Books, which some may say are boring for their lack of pictures, are actually there so that you can use your imagination to discover anything you want about the story. It's a story for a reason. Before writing came around stories were told by mouth, passed on through the generations. It's the same thing here, the people didn't tell every detail of the story so there was no way you could imagine them wrong, they told it simply yet with enough description so your imagination could take flight and the words could flow.

  • Books improve your English.

    Nowadays, teenagers are falling behind because of the lack of English knowledge. If this continues, the English language will be a thing of the past and will then be morphed into an abbreviated language. We need to enhance our vocabulary, reading and reading comprehension skills so that the people of tomorrow can look after Earth in a more appropriate manner than saying 'lol' every time you find something funny. Basic vocabulary is becoming more appropriate in our everyday lives and we need to prevent it from taking over our mouths and brains for good. Otherwise, words will be forgotten and so will the English language.

  • No just no

    Books are better in my opinion by far. In some cases the movie is better than the book but that happens so rarely. Books make you make your own picture in your head. While a movie just puts right in front of your face and you do not have to create a picture in your head your imagination, your brain does not have to work. Also books help your education and help improve your reading level and overall improve your mind. In a movie they can’t add all of the details because the movie would be hours long a take a lot of work to produce and direct and would probably be more expensive as well. But movies can be visually appealing I prefer to read books because of the mystery, suspense or the action in a movie it does it for you. Therefore I will continue to read books.

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Its not one way or the other it can be either,

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