• It is so good!

    It is so good! In books, You have to read else there are too many words. In movies, You have more actions! For people who learn a language he learns the words with accent and he learns to understand people. It is also fun fun to watch movies.

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  • Movies are better than books

    Books are often written in academic or difficult to understand language while a film shows all significant facts in a manner accessible to all viewers. Reading is almost always boring: some people fall asleep; some can’t imagine the given situation others prefer to go and see a movie instead of it. Also, Some books are just harder to read for younger audiences, But if they see the movie they may get the idea better and enjoy the special effects, What also helps the imagination to develop. An example of this is Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books are very long and sometimes include complicated words; the movies, On the other hand, Are much easier to understand and a lot of fun to watch, They are more appealing for the ears. There is a lot of music and speaking in a movie.

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  • Movies are better then books.

    Watching movies is better, We understand more about what it's talking about. The thing that made people like watching movies better is, There is more action and edits, So it looks real. But it is not so good for our eyes, We should not watch too closely, It might damage our eyes.

  • Movies are better because they have intense while books don’t and you don’t even have to imagine anything because you are watching already. 😉👍👌

    Books are better than movies because it helps your spelling, Pronunciation, Imagination and vocabulary while movies don’t. Its better just to borrow a book from a library meanwhile you spend all your money on a movie that might end up not being interesting. If you spend all your time on a screen it’s slowly killing you but a book doesn’t movies are the cause of getting blind. Thank you 😊

  • Movies are More Social

    Movies are more social-You can go to the movies with your friends (and if you don’t mind the evil glares you can talk while watching). More importantly, You can watch a movie at home with everyone gathered in the one room chatting and eating and it is a very social experience. I don’t know about you, But when I read, I read. I’ve had people steal the book out of my hands, Throw water at me and clap their hands over my eyes to get my attention while I’m reading. It isn’t a social event. You can only read a book alone! But when you watch a movie, The experience is different and amazing. You can plan out movie day with friends and family, Order great food and watch. Now, Have you ever seen or heard having a book day out? Plus book reading is a sacrosanct exercise. There are no two people reading together a book. Even if there is, Then there are book clubs for discussion. Otherwise, People always prefer to read alone. Can you imagine going up to someone and saying ‘Mary, Will you… read a book with me’. I for sure can’t. But on the other hand going into up to someone and saying ‘ Mary, Will you…watch a movie with me’. I think everyone would get a much better response.

  • Movies are tangible, More visual than textual

    Watching a movie is inherently more passive experience than reading a book. Movies are more with visuals which actually boost our brain cells, Imagination and creativity. Hanging out with family or friends getting to know and coming closer through this activity is awesome experience.
    Movies brings celebrations, Compassion, Passion, Creativity, Unity, Love and easier to remember.

  • Did, You just forget the sound effects

    Whenever you go watching a movie, You just don't see expressions, Acting, Visual effects, Etc there is sound too. Those voices and sounds better portray the tone of the story, And come on we watch movies for leisure. Consider you are tired and wanna have some leisure time, What would you do, Read books?

  • Books are stupid

    Book are sometimes stupid because internet gives you knowledge as well this also goes for movies. In my place your not getting any books because I commonly stupidly correctly HATE HATE HATE BOOKS! Let’s go people who said yes. Yeah! Now books are very very inconsiderately stupidly dumbly super bad!

  • Books Have Feelings

    Films can bring whole worlds to life before our eyes, make characters into living, breathing flesh and blood, but books let you LIVE everything'
    They let you feel all of the emotions that everyone in the book is feeling if someone gets hurt, like if someone got shot in the stomach you instantly grab your stomach as you feel a sting in that area. Movies can skip important details and they cant always show you how people come to conclusions so they just say it.

  • Movies leave things out of books

    In Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the movie total leaves out the fight between Percy and Ares at the Santa Monica beach. Also, in the book, Percy gets the 3 pearls from a neraid after he almost dies falling off the St. Louis Arch. In the movie, Luke gives Percy a map to find the pearls.

  • Books have more development

    I am 15 and I am an avid reader I believe that movies give us a better vocabulary and understanding of unusual words, and books have more time to develop characters and story.Movies tend to be at the longer side 3 hours long while books have an unlimited frame of how much development they can have due to the fact that if you wanted your book could be short like 20-50 page long stories, or they could be 400-any number of page long novels. In my opinion I want to relate to characters and for this to happen they need to have a lot of time put into each characters backstory in movies there is only so much time for this due to the budget, books could just increase price by about five dollars and the only price difference is that of e paper used to make books. If you extended a movie you had to pay all the actors in the scenes a lot more money along with the makeup artists, director, and other workers in the film industry. Therefore I can connect better to characters if I have read a book, but the same story as a movie I will care less because there is less development and it seems a bit fake due to the rapid changes in character. This is why I prefer books to movies.

  • Nothing else to say

    Book is much better than movie, because it lets you escape from the real world to you own. Movie just makes you see how cruel and consume this world is.
    Plus when children read from an early age, they are thaught to read quickly and search things in a book way much more quickly than their peers.

  • You have to actually put 2 brain cells together to read and comprehend a book.

    While watching a movie you don't imagine what the character looks like or sounds like but with a book you are the characters! You live in their eyes. It will open your mind and do so much more than just broaden your vocabulary. Imagine ( this will be hard for those who think movies are better than books) that there were no books on Earth. Where would we have learned to follow our dreams, stand up for what's right, be who we are, say what we feel or even just read? Since the first television was invented people have been getting increasingly obese, lazy and scientists have even proven that our brain has reduced 10% in size in the past 100 years- so basically since we started letting machines work for us. Let e dumb it down for those of you that prefer movies- if people keep not reading then people will become fat, lazy, dumb and die.

  • Books give depth

    A book can be a great medium for depicting life morals in great detail. They can explain emotions, displayed out word for word, so that the reader not only experiences the emotion but understands what they are feeling. Moreover, by this description, a book can delve deeply into the story itself. While a movie merely portrays events visually and audibly, a book gives reasons, motives, emotions deep inside a character, beyond what can be seen and heard, so that the audience will not only discover What happened and How, but WHY

  • Books aren't only words

    Not all books are words. Comic books for example are say around 85% pictures. They too are enjoyable plus one can read and see and have a feel for what's happening. As I was reading the arguments I saw several individuals point out that books make you anti-social. It does not. One can simply join a book club for fellowship and make friends who read as well. I do believe that movies are a great source of entertainment but I also believe that movies and books can be equal.

  • Book give historical events

    Say you are in history class, and you have to watch a movie about the war of 18 12, and the movie says all the statistics, when in the book, you hear about all the cool stuff, and it makes you go, "huh. Never knew that. I guess somethings come in small paper packages"

  • Books will always be better

    There are millions of reasons why books are better than movies, but one of them is this: books unfold at their own pace, and you in turn can read at your own tempo. You can't really pause a movie every five minutes to digest the new information, and directors can't just make the movie fifty hours long, so they cut out some essential scenes, which makes them have to rewrite the plot entirely. As well, most movies shove the ninety minutes of film down your throats, and it's often very confusing and disorienting.

  • Mental Health and Education

    When reading, you expand your vocabulary and hone in on your focus. Not just that, reading also helps your writing skills. The phrases you pick up, the different vocabulary used by different people around the world. The different characters that you subconsciously absorb while reading. You also learn how to talk pretty. Some colleges look to see that you’re reading. Columbia and Stanford University ask you about it in your Common Application supplement along with Princeton and more. It's also one of the most relaxing things to do. Why reach for the stars, when you can reach for a book and have the stars, the sun and the moon.

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Its not one way or the other it can be either,

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