• Movies are not ruining society. Some movies are actually helpful. You can learn things from movies.

    People watch movies for entertainment so they would have a laugh. There are actually educational movies. There are movies for kids, those are educational to. Some movies talk about the past just much as the present. In my opinion movies are not ruining society. And there are people out there that would agree with me.

  • The different circumstances

    In my verdict movies should not be discriminated, one of these subjects people most commonly discuss are, "are movies setting a bad example towards society?" the answer is "no". Most movies not only set a good influence on children, they provide sustainable education for whoever struggles in any subject. Forget about the age, suppose you need a job... Needless to say there are dozens of them which can guide you through. Lets set aside all these examples and talk about the functions of humans, what makes them happy? A few people might include some things like "family". But if we are discussing society, the majority of the people would say Movies.

    Posted by: AVJ
  • No, they aren't.

    There are many different types of movies. Some movies make you laugh, cry, feel and think. Some movies make you zone out as you watch expensive CG explosions. Some movies are filled with violence. Every movie is different. Some movies may influence some people negatively, but you will get that with many different forms of entertainment.

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