Are multiplayer online games like Dota 2 and Minecraft bad for teenagers?

Asked by: Jericho
  • All True but........

    These games reduce the teenagers time to do his or her schoolwork in addition it reduces the actual interaction with peers . Well you could take your answers but Dota or Minecraft can be good in some part but in the most of it you can say that instead playing them you could just do it in real life.

  • Minecraft is fun

    The games are fun and would you want to ban a really popular game and so many other games so it would be bad to see so many people not doing what there used to just because a game would be gone and so many others which would put game stores out of business.

  • Collaboration can be good

    Sometimes on multiplayer online games all you hear is cursing and a lot of aggressive language. However, these games also help students build collaboration skills and team building, even through a technological way. The future will probably have a lot more of these types of connections and kids are just getting a head start.

  • No, multiplayer online games are actually great for teenagers.

    Multiplayer online games give teenagers the opportunity to interact with their peers in a way that was never possible before. Without the face to face interaction kids only interact with other kids based on personality. This develops a teenagers perception on the world in a positive way. This allows for the "awkward kid" to live the normal teenage life.

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