Are music videos becoming more promiscuous?

Asked by: Doush
  • Of Course They are

    Most of the artist do these things because they try to be someone they're not and it's like when they be there selves nobody wants to buy there music. But then when they get half naked on national tv they want to wonder wtf happened. You can't tell someone to be there self and then tell them to change and get mad because you don't like them that way either..

  • Music vdeo is late night Cinemax.

    More and more music videos are getting more and more promiscuous. No one really watches music videos anymore which is why they have become more adult themed and woman have become less clothes. Bad press on a music video is good press. My point in case is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke has naked women on it and once i heard that of course i had to see the music video.

  • Promiscuity is praised in music today

    Music itself is often about promiscuity, about taking people home as a means of getting back at a boyfriend or girlfriend, and as a means of being really cool. It is sad that this is the direction our media culture has taken. Music videos aren't promiscuous in themselves, but the music behind them is. This context then makes the footage, which is not so promiscuous in and of itself, inherently promiscuous.

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