Are Muslim Extremists justified in their actions?

Asked by: Jegory
  • Look at the death toll

    Before 9/11, over 100,000 middle eastern civilians had died at the hands of the American soldiers. 9/11 killed 3000 american citizens. You don't see Al Queada running around bombing England, Canada, France, or Sweden even though those countries are rich and prosperous. Al Queada has every right to take the war to American soil after what America did to the middle east.

  • Yes, to them it did.

    The term "justified" is thrown around loosely - and rightfully so because we have no definite answer to what is moral and what isn't - in some sense (that isn't ours) their actions are justified. Many philosophers agree that morality stems from something viscerally "right," that we deem anything to be moral if we truly believe it to be moral, as long as it's not stemming from self-interest. Obviously the Muslims were promised virgins in heaven so "sacrificing their lives to help the rest of the country" doesn't seem to completely apply. However, that just eliminates the ramification of death - it doesn't induce motivation (for most, at least). Their motivation was to help the members of their group prosper and for Islam - what they believe would truly make the world a better place - to be free from the US' oppression. If patriotism and fighting for our freedom was ever justified, then there are no reason for us to make a distinction when another country or a group does the same thing to us.

  • Look at your own country

    I believe muslims are a bit extreme but when u have those kind of moral convictions u truly believe your doing gods work. 9/11 was a preemptive strike they knew more of our politics than we do. When Bush Jr. Was elected they knew he was coming to finish daddys work being an oil man and all. Americans are just too nieve to know that this was retaliation not an attack so they were completely justified. Were not supposed to go around attacking soverign nations for their resources besides did we find any w.O.M.D. No we did not. But i trust my government to lie to me.

  • I would say no

    It depends on what you believe. It also depends on if God is real, which I believe he is, but I believe in the Christian God. Anyone can have an opinion, but to actually have an answer there would have to be a thing called "moral absolute truths" which is impossible without God. So if the Muslim God was real, then yes its justified, but if he's not, then no it is not justified.

  • They're not justified.

    No killing is justified, but I can understand why they did it. It's not like they're crazy, evil satanists like a lot of people want to believe, they have reasons for doing what they do, and their primary reason is America forces its nose in a lot of their business. The USA has always stuck its nose where it didn't belong, and even if we should stick our noses in the Middle East, the USA shouldn't do it alone ( I know the US is n't completely alone, but it is the primary first world country in there. ) It would be okay if the US was backed up by a couple other countries, or if the UN took care of it, (since that is sort of the UN'S job) and I know that the UN hasn't really been doing much, but that doesn't mean we have any right to butt in there. It's like saying the police doesn't do its job so it is immediately okay for you to murder criminals.

  • No, definitely not!!

    Any form of killing is WRONG. While I do believe they should be allowed to make a point, they should do this through communication, not murder and violence. The growing amount of Muslim Extremists has led to a stereotype that clouds the lives of all Muslims; that they are terrorists willing to kill for their god, which, of course, is false. The actions these terrorists commit are horrific and barbaric and cannot ever be considered justified.

  • What a crazy question!

    Some people must be mentally ill as the NY terrorists to put Yes to this... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!?? Innocent people like you and me got killed by being flew into a building, how would you feel? You think that is OK and justified?

    All terrorists should be locked away and have their key thrown away and the NY terrorists deserve a 5000 year parole for their sentence.

  • No religion teaches murder

    The people apart of these organizations are from countries where poverty, disease and corrupt government has taken its toll. The reason these organizations are attacking western civilization is because the members have been indoctrinated by its leaders to hate western society. They also have been given food, shelter, education and other support from their organization leaders and in return they are given a gun and political belief to fight an unworthy cause.

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