Are Muslims ignorant to their own religion?

Asked by: punchme
  • Very good chance..

    You often hear that it is everyone other than Muslims that are ignorant to what Muslims are about.. As spoken by the Muslims themselves. But is the reverse is true? If you are Muslim, then you believe the Quran to be the literal word of God as revealed to the prophet Muhammad. Then from there comes your world view and perspective on how to live in and among others in our global society. So often you hear how Islam is a religion of peace. Or Women are treated equally. Etc etc.. Yet Islams effect on the world as a whole seems nothing short of disastrous. Not just by Terrorist means.. This isn't about terrorism so much as an ideal about living with other people with different views. So easily is most criticism of Islam met with violence and hate. This is a religion that was and always has been spread mostly by the power of violence and the sword as opposed to open discussion, compassion and love for and with another of a different view. Lets see how this opinion discussion goes.

  • Islam Supports Violence

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Islam is based on the idea that you should kill all who are not like you. That is why it is hypocritical, Muslims think their philosophy is the fastest growing religion but when you look at Islam in the world, you see wars in the middle east and terrorism in the rest of the world. Muslims are dirty, uncivilized animals who wish to destruct all that is normal. That is why the United States should have power over all of the middle east and take all the oil because they are evil.

  • They are lied to by their leaders and peers

    They’re not told especially in the West by other Muslims how Muhammad and his thugs of the Sahaba went around the Middle East invading towns and demanding people convert and if they didn’t they would kill all the men and capture and rape the women and sell them off to slavery. Muslims have been doing this their whole history in the name of their religion. They are painted a Walt Disney version of their religion with their prophet as some sort of hero. They aren’t allowed to expose the truth about the guy or else they get killed. They think their religion is the most moral when it’s the most barbaric. Most brainwashed people on the planet and they’re in denial about it.

  • Some of them are ignorant

    Some of them are ignorant because they never knew the true meanings of islam and they insulting other religions and some uneducated spreading false, Hateful and none-sense thought of their dirty mind, They got taught that only islam is good religion and others are evil(wtf? ), I don't want to waste my time about this stupidity

  • The base of islam are lies and fear

    Islam is perhaps the manifestation of all negative sources of energy that has ever surfaced in this physical world and are spawned throughout the millenia by humans. All arguments written here are most likely written by an apostate like myself, whove experienced first hand on how ignorant and self-defeating this religion itself is, many comments written above, i myself confirm true and have experienced them myself, islam and muslamic people feed on ignorants and will continue to spread its ignorance and hate until human beings as a collective whole and as a species realize that they need to stop the bullshit of 'spreading love' and 'teaching kindness' or 'opening their eyes' because they themselves are not just ignorants but are corrupt due to their own will that is based on fear. The only way to go is to set up self sustaining space colonies that denies muslims to enter. Well that be probably a thousand years from now, considering all the politics and power games, maybe about another millenia or two, hopefully by then people wouldve realized already and slowly live like humans and less like animals (and abandon stupid religions of course, including but not limited to the one and only religion of "LOVE")

  • Backward and barbaric

    What is good about islam - nothing.
    What has islam done in technology,science,etc - nothing
    What is bad about islam - pedophilia,murder,slavery, wife beating, racism,
    Muslims put a blanket over its evil and don't face up to the real teachings of islam,pretending its a compassionate , fantastic religion which will lead you to paradise - bullshit.

  • Islam is a scam

    Intellectually poor. Tells inadequate males what they want to hear and that the sole purpose of women is to serve and be owned by them. Even tells men that women are stupid and can't look after themselves. Truth is that no intelligent woman would choose these men of her own free will and has to be forced to be with them hence forced marriages.

  • Muslims deny every true fact

    It is a well known fact even by atheist scholars that jesus got crucified and they deny momo was a pedo,even though the Hadith and Quran said so and they hate Jews because muzzies took their holy land and they hate gays and they say that apostates should be killed and they say it is a religion of peace

  • Islam gonna spread chaos in this world very soon

    Muslims must open their eyes and look around they will see the reality, we should help them out to see the beautiful world around with happy souls . These people have gone blind in sake of their religion ..They think their religion is above humanity above everything else! I mean how retard, how sick one's mentality could be ! Such an Illusionists these people are !
    I wish Muslim's were humans ..

  • Start of islam is false

    Muhammad was in a mountain cave when he heard a voice say READ three times and three times muhammad said I can't read also muhammad was chocked 3 times.
    Muhammad ran out of the cave and told a family member what had happened in the cave.
    Muhammad said the voice never identified itself it was only when one of his christian friends said it could have been Angel Gabriel.
    The fact is most muslims don't know this storey in the quran that the islamic faith was started by the Christian faith.
    The fact is muhammad had mental problems and muhammad followed a pagan religion before the voice in the cave.
    Islam is clearly a false religion based on very weak foundations.

  • They are ignorant about their culture

    In countries like the Middle East where you see women without equal rights or men being superior, that is a cultural thing. In Islam it clearly states that men and women are equal. They have different responsibilities, but man has no control over woman and vice versa. It is ok to follow culture as long as it does not conflict with the religion. That is what many Muslims do and this is how they portray a bad image for the religion.

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