• Muslims are the most misunderstood people

    Muslims are the most misunderstood people in the world because the media is showing a very bad picture about Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and all the critics of Islam do not have any understanding about the teachings of Islam. They rather criticize Islam based on anecdotal evidence and on the wrongdoings of some Muslims. Islam being so criticized is the fastest growing religion in the world and that is proof why Muslims are the most misunderstood people. For more about Islam, Go to https://cjislam. Weebly. Com/

  • Yes, But not in the way we think because news only shows part of the problem.

    Muslims believe in a meccan and median doctrine of the quran, Both are justified in their obedience if we can say that the quran and allah are viable. The median doctrine came first, It was when Muhammad started recruiting peacefully and meccan was when he started recruiting forcefully. The quran has the doctrine of abrogation, Basically the newer stuff invalidates the commands or supercides the older ones. Thats why we can have both isis and christian muslims. Again, Muslims aren't necessarly those that follow the quran, But are born into that society and religion. Because to follow the quran is both government and religious way of life.

  • Yes they are

    Yeah, I'm an atheist and I don't believe in religion one bit but muslims are misunderstood. The average person assumes muslims to be terrorists, Violent etc. Because that's all they hear on the news, But the overwhelming majority of muslims are just ordinary members of society. My best friend is a muslim and he's a great guy. While I disagree with several of their customs, What they choose to do is none of my business and I respect them for who they are.

  • You can't force others opinions into your brain

    Muslims, Muslims, Muslims the headline in our news a majority hate them and a majority don't i havent been the best to them but i meet a group of people that were muslim who changed my life and nowi know there anything but harmful alot of us have our own opinion on groups of people and when the majority of people agree to something you usally agree to not giving yourself time to think if what you did was right or wrong

  • No they're terrorists.

    Muslim are complete terrorist. They used to enslave people that weren't Muslims and their goal in life is to obtain virgins. Their book tells them to lie and they hate you if you aren't Muslim. The media tries to make you like them which is a telltale sign that you probably shouldn't like them. Muslim extermination or expulsion should be on the table.

  • What we misunderstand

    Or what we ignore or what we choose to disregard or what we are conditioned to accept are as variable as fingerprints.
    Everyone is of the same species and conceptualised ritualism cannot alter this fact.
    Therefore it is just as easy to understand Muslims as it is to understand Christians or Hindus or Sun Worshippers.
    Though Sun Worshipping is probably not so incredible.

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