• National Common Core Standards are good for eduacation.

    National Common Core Standards are a benefit to all involved in the education system. It forces to students to meet minimum requirements, so that everyone has a base line. it doesn't stop students from progressing beyond, nor does it 'dumb' thing down. It is creating a system where all students will have met the minimum requirements to help bridge educational gaps.

  • The Common Core is good for basics.

    National Common Core standards are great for basic education. This is because the basics of math, science, social studies, and reading are taught to kids so that all of them may have this knowledge as they grow. Although not all kids absorb the information, having this core in their classroom guarantees them basic knowledge if they apply themselves.

  • No, they are not.

    National common core standards might be one of the worst modalities of teaching. The fact of the matter is that people all learn differently, and the spectrum of intelligence doesn't run on a straight line from one end to another. Teaching needs to be more specialized. Education is almost like an assemly line.

  • Loss of Basics

    I am trying to help my grand-daughter with her 2nd grade education. I am also a retired Middle School English Teacher. I am appalled at the way Common Core is encroaching on the basics of English grammar. Last night we studied for a test. Her weakness is subjects and predicates. I wrote down about 5 simple sentences with subjects, predicates, and direct objects. She kept getting them wrong, according to my knowledge of the English language. After I looked up information I discovered that it is no longer taught that way. For example: The squirrel eats the seeds. Simple subject-squirrel, simple predicate-eats, direct object- seeds. WRONG! According to Common Core the subject is THE SQUIRREL and the predicate is EATS THE SEEDS. They are complete subjects and complete predicates. Therefore, in my effort to assist my grand-daughter with her studies I have actually confused her.

    If the Common Core school standards want the children to learn THIS way, then don't give homework that involves Common Core techniques. I only know the correct way and at this stage of my life by the time I learn Common Core it will no longer 'be in fashion.' I have seen programs come and go, and this will too.

  • No not really

    Common core standards express that every child should meet certain educational milestones in specific timelines. This is just unrealistic. Every child has a very different natural ability and not all are ready to learnt he same way and the same things at the same age.

    As long as every child is progressing and learning then the education system is working the way it should.

  • National standards are not helpful

    National common core standards are not good for the education system as a whole. This type of testing an evaluation needs to belong to the states. It is the only way that tax payer dollars won't be wasted funding systems that barely work and each member of the state gets more say into what is emphasized in testing and how it is implemented. This places more ownership of such programs on the taxpayer.

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