• Parks are important

    Parks are good for animals and people. Where do animals go when it gets torn. People like to observe nature. Lots of companies tear down parks for oil or business .Please do not tear down park. Think about the animals that like their habitat . Take a stand and defend the animals

  • We need national parks.

    National parks are absolutely vital, necessary, and important. Much of our original wilderness has disappeared forever due to advancement and progress. They only real protection is our national parks which offer a glimpse of what this country was when our fore-fathers first saw it. It is vitally important to preserve at least a piece of the beauty and wonder that this country has to offer of its natural habitat.

  • National parks provide places to appreciate nature.

    Not only are national parks good for preserving various types of wildlife and foliage, but they usually have some pretty unique and amazing sights. One can learn about geology, plant life, animals, how endangered species operate, etc. and so really it almost functions as a place of education. Very worth going to on school field trips.

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