• We shouldn't select winners.

    Yes, nativist policies are the first step down the road to genocide, because it is the government deciding that some people are more equal than others. How do we know that the natives did not kick out an ancient people who were there before they were? We should treat all people equal, because if we don't, it leads to some very scary places.

  • Nativist movements can lead to genocide.

    Nativist movements have the ability to lead to genocide. This is not an eventual inevitability, but the beginning of the rationalization for genocide. "They don't belong here" leads to "Kill them because they don't belong here" in three words. Its not much more in a logical sense. We saw this from the nationalist movements in Germany.

  • They are worse quite frankly

    Nativist policies are a branch of the f--king KKK. Lol To me that makes it worse than Adolf Hitler or Mussolini. The pieces of crap of the Klan who made these laws are worthless trash bags. Now there is a good concern about massive immigration, but nativism is racist. Lmao

  • No, they are not.

    Natavist policies just simply make a people insular and unaccepting of others. I think the first step down the road to genocide is the invasion of lands that do not belong to you under the assumption that you are more powerful and superior to them. This is not born of Nativism.

  • Racism is first

    Nativist policies come fairly far down the line in the steps to genocide. First, a genuine hatred of a group and a racist feeling must emerge and catch the appeal of a large group of the population. Later, when this hatred reaches a certain threshold the nativist policies will emerge.

  • No, I do not think that nativist policies are the first step to genocide.

    I think to say that nativist policies are the first step down the road to genocide is a great injustice to the policy. There is nothing to prove that such a policy is about the mass killing of a group or race of people. I think that people need to understand what the policy is all about.

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