• But not as a punishment.

    Like extremists would say. Mind you God will pour judgment, but Jesus is currently imploring God not to remind Him that there are still people spreading the word. Therefore God has mercy right now. But natural disasters are just a part of life. The earthquakes in the West are not there because of God, but because of a tectonic plate fault.

  • It is acts of god

    For one many people call the tornado gods finger. Also the things that god does brings us all together. When a disaster happens we all work together to fix it and when we work together we work as one. In addition natural disasters are a act of god trying to make us come together as one.

  • If there was an intelligent creator (i.E. God) why would he let bad things happen to good people?

    The argument suggesting that everything God does, there is a reason for it, does not add logic to suffering, suffering is pain, why should God inflict pain on his creations. Similarly why should God send his only son to earth to save our sins, how does it save our sins? Where is the logic?

  • Of course, or Gawd dosen't exist.

    Why are millions of planets were few if any support life, its natural. A massive amount of occurrences have to happen for life. That's why Earth is the only one we know of. A child dies every 3-4 seconds around the world. If I had a small amount of powers its followers attribute, no child would die of birth defects, violence, disease. Followers say all the natural disasters occur because of Sin. How can a loving deity allow evil on innocents. Simple, no deity. Earths fossil record Does Not support any of the bible. My best friend ex baptist minister agrees that the only truth in the bible is what refers to actual human history. No God miracles. Good values and morals require honesty and Truth. None of that in any religion/God belief.

  • Yes they are

    Why do I think this? Because in the book of Amos God destroys many places because they have sinned greatly. We are supposed to repent and when we do not do that God will punish us so that we may call his name again and become closer to him.

  • God caused natural disasters

    I think that if God int e bible has told people to forgive people and sometimes summoned them to obey him then why does he not do something about these natural disasters that are killing millions of people? He should not just sit there and let even little villages never mind big countries get distroyed by such hurrendoes things?

  • Assuming god exists, yes.

    God designed the planet. Whether or not he is consciously causing each disaster or not is irrelevant- because he created the world and mechanics of the world in such a way that allows frequent disasters (on a geological time scale they are incredibly frequent) to occur. Going on popular religious statements:

    Yes, nature created the disasters, but god created nature. God is god and there for anything is possible, he could have created nature to not produce natural disasters. A little bit of a difficult concept to grasp, I suppose, but if you're going to accept god is all knowing and all powerful and the great creator of everything, you cannot deny that 100% of natural disasters are his fault. And since he created everything and designed everything down to human nature, he is also responsible for rape, murder, all disasters.

    Free will, you say? If you arm a bad person, you are also guilty. God created man and designed man, thus any evil resulting from man is god's fault. It is simply bad design, but for the sake of this debate, it proves that all disasters of all shape and form are gods fault for being all powerful to design the universe that makes them able to happen- and not using his all power-fullness to intervene.

  • Yes, the legal definition for "acts of God" is any event outside of human control.

    I base the yes answer on the legal definition of "acts of God" - an event outside of human control such as, floods or other natural disasters that no one is responsible for. I might also add that my personal belief is that God is in control of everything, but I do not believe he constantly changes the course of nature. He only allows it to happen. At the same time, for His purpose and plan, He can change its course if He so desires.

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • Yes, natural disasters are acts of God, because they are things that just happen through nature.

    Natural disasters happen all the time, with no explanation. Volcanoes, hurricanes and tornadoes are all unexplainable. The only answer is that they must be acts of God. All of the disasters have been happening for many years, long before any of us were around to have answers for it. So, all we can do is assume it's God.

    Posted by: HealthyMose59
  • Yes, I believe everything that happens in life is God's will, so that would include natural disasters as well.

    I hold the belief that everything is a plan set forth by God, before it even happens. Since I believe that to be true, that would mean that everything that happens is an act of God. That includes natural disasters. I do not believe it is all just a force of nature.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • Lol

    No they are not acts of god for two reasons. One, they are explained by since, secondly, god is fair and won't just kill many innocent people if he is the way the bible describes him. I think god gave up on this planet once Israel took over Palestine. He was like I help with getting rid of the nazis and now these zionists are doing the same thing, forget it I'm creating life on mars and dealing with that lol

  • These disasters were cause by mankind

    If only we are all environmentalists then these wouldn't be happening.

  • I believe that natural disasters are just that, naturally occurring. NOT an act of God because science can show why they occur...

    I believe that natural disaster are just that, natural disasters. They are naturally occurring in nature and NOT caused by God. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes or underwater volcanoes, Earthquakes are caused by shifting tectonic plates, floods are caused by rising water levels due to rain or storm surge and hurricanes are caused by warming ocean temperature. All caused by none other than Mother Earth.

    Posted by: ExcitedRonald
  • NO

    We have scientifically proved how natural disasters come to be. So no he doesnt because he doesnt exist.

  • The end

    WHY WOULD GOD do this to us when he's a loving god? Wouldn't he strike dead the bad people? Well he wouldn't and he won't until the day of the end

  • God was applied to natural phenomenon because we couldn't understand the cause, but it is clear that natural disasters are part of a natural process here on Earth.

    While the study of weather has not become a perfect science, it is well known that based on certain factors we are able to predict upcoming weather events. Given that, it would be unreasonable to surmise that God is predictable. If he had the means he would have no need to trick us into thinking that we understand why the hurricane was on a path to land.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Natural disasters are no more an act of God than the wind.

    While our understanding of the Earth and its systems is still neophyte in many ways, we do have an understanding of how things like earthquakes and tsunamis occur, meaning that they have natural explanations and placing them firmly in the realm of science. As we gain more understanding we will learn to mitigate some or all of them and I do not think that acts of God would allow for such puny beings as us to change them.

    Posted by: wahsfone
  • No, the universe runs on interrelationships of physical laws

    All weather phenomena can be scientifically explained. The universe works from complex interrelationships that can be observed, and natural disasters are bound to occur from time to time. We've spread across the entire planet and so off and on there will be disastrous calamities that hit local populations hard. There is no evidence at all that the laws governing nature are ever suspended to make something magically occur.

  • Natural acts are the result of physical and chemical interactions of elements in our world.

    Natural acts are brought about by chemicals and other phenomena interacting with one another in our world. When it's warm out, the temperature interacts with the cloud precipitation to form rain. When it's cold, the temperature interacts with the clouds forming snow. The universe has evolved on its own through natural interactions that having nothing to do with a deity.

    Posted by: skittles
  • It is all natural calamities and not the acts of God.

    Take the case of Tsunami. It is because of the earthquake that had erupted from the fathom of the sea and due to the pressure and explosive nature the damage caused to the nearby country and the effect of which extends to several thousands of of miles. So, it is the natural calamity and cannot be taken as the act of God.

    Posted by: jabba2halle

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