Are neo-Nazis a bunch of idiots (compared to the real Nazis)?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • You cannot determine someone's intelligence by their beliefs

    Now before beginning my argument I would like to point out that I myself are not a neo-nazi, but I do believe that all have the right to keep their own political ideals.

    Now, to quote the main topic. Yes, Neo-Nazis do not follow the actual racial idea that the Nazi Party did, but rather, a modified model of the ideology. But again to point out my main topic, you cannot say someone is an 'idiot' due to their beliefs.

    For example, if a Atheist said that a Christian was an imbecile for believing in god, that would be met with the same reaction, which by the way, is wrong.

    PS: The reason for me using the Atheist vs Christian model is due to the major controversy in the field.

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-03T15:00:12.157
Yet another post from Adam2 where he talks about his love for Hitler. Adam2 longs for the days when he could put jewish people, the gays, and all of those scandanavians in internment camps, ovens and gas chambers.

He openly endorses violence against Germans, who he refers to as white devils.

It is disgusting he has not been banned for his rampant bigotry and inability to stay on a topic.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-03T16:27:23.807
The word Germanic doesn't appear in this post. At all.
Adam2 says2014-07-03T17:21:22.610
It doesn't because I didn't feel the need to say it at the time, but they are different. Germans are not even remotely close to being Germanic. They're more Slavic and Roman (because the Romans were in that part of Germany too).