Are neo-Nazis truly ignorant of who the real Nazis are?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Old but I have to answer

    Being one of the only "true" National Socialists out there, I would like to say that the concept of race above life is an obsolete and completely idiotic thought; as a national socialist, I put my nation above my life, and that should be the case for any Nazis. But Neo-Nazis are different; "race above life" is, although a part of Nazi ideology, should be ignored. Yes, Hitler would laugh at the "Nazis" of the 21st century.

  • They should learn to read

    Neo-Nazis have a lack of understanding of what Nazism or Fascism really is. If any German Nazi leader was alive to see modern day neo Nazis, he would call in SS troops to exterminate the "negrified" aryan, or in simple terms a racial traitor. If Hitler were alive today, he would end up shooting himself again.

  • Many in the world seem to not have a brain, but all have a tongue.

    Just a bunch of uneducated white trash who watched "American History X" and "Romper Stomper" way too many times. Unfortunately I'm sure a large percentage of them were born with fetal alcohol syndrome or some other kind of mental disorder. Pathetically this behavior is also probably due to inbreeding and years of these mindless humanoid bowling pins huffing turpentine.

  • A Neo nazi is the exact opposite of a Nationalist Socialist.

    The nazis searched ways to defend and improve their people.
    They had values such as patriotism and commitment.
    They wanted to create a better folk by an healthy lifestyle and instillate values (youngs were enrolled in youth programs and were encouraged to practice sports)
    The neo nazis is just a bunch of uneducted racists in search of a scapegoat.
    Note:Nazi Germany had one of the most diversified army of his time.

  • Neo-Nazi`s would have been killed.

    The fat drunk american full with tattoo`s is not a National Socialist.
    These are racists from the KKK who use Hitler and the Swastika to look cool and spread more hate. Modern day Neo-Nazi`s would have been killed by the SS mainly because they live an unhealthy and violent life.
    National Socialism is all about putting your own country and its people in 1st place. I fully support this, although i don`t think we should kill every one that is not white or jewish.

  • Most people are truly ignorant of who the real Nazis are.

    History books on the Third Reich are far removed from reality and this is only getting worse every decade. Both Neo-Nazis and everyone else have a totally distorted perspective on the Third Reich. Due to decades of intensive indoctrination by the "media" and "education" system, but very few people really have a clue on what the Nazis actually stood for.

  • It depends on how you define "neo-Nazis"

    There's different kinds of "neo-Nazis" - there are skinhead street gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood and the sort who are just a gang and think the symbols look cool. However, you go over to "metapedia.Com" and you'll find there are real advocates of National Socialism in this world who not only understand it but also firmly embrace it. It is my guess the people who make "metapedia" frequently are not the skinheads with facial tattoos.

    There's a secondary interest that is ignored and that is that the mainstream media has a very strong interest in vilifying National Socialism, rightly or wrongly. As such they're not going to give the time of day to a sincere and educated advocate of the ideology if they can avoid it. Instead they are interested in setting up strawmen of the ideology in these skinhead gangs. You don't see real Nazis on TV because real Nazis might be persuasive as there is a great deal persuasive about the core ideologies of National Socialism if you ignore the antisemitism - and - even if you don't - you might come to agree with the antisemitism.

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Adam2 says2014-01-10T17:54:03.897
Hitler would laugh at neo-Nazis
Adam2 says2014-01-10T17:55:15.670
Neo-Nazis are a bunch of idiots who also don't know what 1 + 1 equals.
Adam2 says2014-01-10T17:55:23.467
Neo-Nazis are a bunch of idiots
Adam2 says2014-01-10T17:55:38.990
Who don't know the sum of one plus one
Adam2 says2014-01-10T17:56:20.267
They believe the Nazis must be the same as the Klan, well let me clue you in on something: they weren't. Hitler was against imperialism and the Klan. Only some Skinheads are smart. Most neo-Nazis are stupid as hell.
Adam2 says2014-01-10T17:56:29.067
Hitler would wipe the Klan out