Are new guidelines needed in dealing with miscarriage?

  • Yes, they should be abolished.

    Guidelines for a miscarriage are simply offensive. Why would guidelines need to be implemented for a woman's miscarriage. It is already such an intimately traumatic event that "rules" regarding it would only make it worse. Life happens and pencil pushing bureaucrats need to understand the world is not black and white.

  • Yes

    Understanding miscarriage has dramatically changed over the past century. With the advancement and medical technology in the field of obstetrics we have come to a better understanding of how miscarriage can be handled in order to allow safe passage of the fetus and maintain the health of the former potential mother.

  • No not at all.

    The current rules for a miscarriage may not be as sound and intimate to a woman's traumatic instance but it works. It is to the point regarding what must be done and it's left at just that. New guidelines would just bloat the rules into something that would only stretch out the already disappointing tragedy.

  • No, new guidelines are not needed in dealing with micarriage.

    There is not any reason to add further guidelines on a human being in regards to handling the birth of their child. All decisions made in a child birth should differ based on culture and religion, so guidelines of any kind take away from human liberties and freedoms. Why are there guidelines in the first place?

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