• McDonald's and rapping is on their mind

    I swear what has happened to our world? In the old days, people used to take care of their homes and land. You can't even find a decent farm in Stapleton, NY. When immigrants came to this country from India, Italy, Spain, Germany to search for unused farms, they knew how to take care of it. What do we see in Stapleton, Staten Island? Beat up homes, crackhouses, crap tables and McDonald's, plus stupid public transporation. That's your New Money for you.

  • Well yes they are.

    New money people tend to spend their money on any little product they can get their hand on. They tend to be oblivious to the need to save money and are often quite selfish with their money. Usually they have houses with a lot of luxury which goes over the top when they could be putting into a savings account for an accident. You could also spend it on a college tuition for your children, or at least give some to the needy.

  • New money people may be careless but are not stupid

    New money people are not stupid. After all they found a way to make a lot of money. They may be viewed as a bit careless and whimsical by some as they don't fully understand what to do with their money, but they are far from stupid. Over time new money will become old money.

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