• You are not prepared to create such a goal

    In schools they teach you to set goals, Time wise, And in bite size pieces. A year long goal is far to broad for something your just starting. A bad goal for example is I want to lose wieght this year. Thats a Bad goal. A good goal would be measurable, Realistic, And abtainable. Such as I want to lose 10 pounds a month with a steady workout and dieting plan. This goal is measurable, Realistic, And abtainable.

  • Yes. New Year resolutions are a waste of mental energy.

    Many people begin their New Year resolutions full of hope only to break their resolution a short time later. Many times people will try and fail at their New Year resolution many time throughout the year resulting in wasted time and energy. Some people will even make the same New Year's resolution two or more years in a row hoping they will finally stick to it and make it happen.

  • If you want to do something just do it

    People do not need some lame tradition to motivate them, so they can correct what they perceive is wrong with themselves. If people want to loose weight, then exercise and loose weight. If people want to cut back on drinking, then cut back. If people want to save more money, then stop spending so much. Why do we pretend that a new year is going to change the way we think? People either want it, or they don't.

  • No New Year's Resolutions are not a waste of mental energy.

    If taken seriously and realistic goals are set New Year Resolutions are not a waste of a person's mental energy. The concept of starting the new year on a new foot is a valid one and a good way to put attention on your plans for the coming year. However far too many people look at a New Year's Resolution as something to be broken.

  • No, I don't think New Years Resoultions are a waste of mental energy.

    I think if a person is serious about their New Years Resolution then with enough mental force behind it they can force themselves to achieve whatever it is that they wish to change about themselves, I think overall people ignore their New Years Resolutions but if taken seriously they could greatly benefit your life.

  • They are worthwhile

    The New Year offers everyone the opportunity to recommit to their goals and create a new mental image of themselves. Although many people fail, it would be wrong to discount the concept because of these people. Weight loss, money management, and other types of personal growth are all ways of reflecting on oneself for improvement.

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