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  • Almost everything can be repaired

    The issue is whether or not the repair is worth the hassle, expense and re-routed traffic. Repairing highways can be time consuming and not cost effective, especially if the traffic delays cause a lot more problems elsewhere. New York city at least has a subway system which would ostensibly ease some of the burden on highways. However, New York State may be dependent on roads for commuting and without a train system, the roads have to be operational.

  • Perfection Isn't Necessary

    I believe that New York's highways are repairable. Roads are laid down new and they deteriorate as they are used, this is normal. Billions of dollars have been spent fixing, replacing, and repairing roads with Obama's stimulus monies, some of which seem to be unnecessary. Roads don't have to be replaced the second they get a pot hole in them.

  • They just don't care to replace them.

    No, New York's highways are not irreparable, because they could fix them, just like any state could fix their roads. The technology is there, the State just has to not pander to the unions that want job after job, and they have to prioritize fixing the roads. New York does not want to fix the roads because they want people to take the bus.

  • No they are not.

    New York's highways are not irreparable. It takes a lot for a highway to become so damaged that it cannot be fixed. It will take a lot of work to fix these damaged roads, but it can be done with enough money and work. The question is, will it be done?

  • New York's highways are not irreparable

    New York's highways are not irreparable. This is because of the fact that anything can be accomplished if the mind is set behind it. There is some solution to the problem with New York's highways. The solutions won't necessarily be an easy or cheap one, but they are not irreparable.

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