• How stupid can you be?

    How stupid do you have to be to believe that within 40 years our cars have gotten less safe? Is that really the intelligence level that 67% of you are at? It's astounding. Know some basic physics and you'll be happy to have an airbag. Just because the car stops, doesn't mean your body stops. If your car slams into a brick wall, your body keeps going at the same speed until it is stopped by something.

  • Much safer actually

    The cars themselves are extremely safer. Seatbelts, airbags, safety sensors, cameras, crumple panels and many more things. I have raced rally cars in the past, I liked my 2003 WRX STI, it was agile, fast, and grippy. I got in an accident going about 90 mph, if I was in an older vehicle (80's or before) there would be a good chance I would have died. But, even though the cars are safer, people I believe are worse drivers than before since cars require less understanding and less focus than before. I am constantly surprised how many people don't know how to drive a manual vehicle.

  • Yes, but no

    I understand that there have been innovations in safety and high safety standards in newer cars, but FFS I feel so unsafe being so disconnected from the road and the feedback and noise from the car itself.

    There is no sense of fear or danger, and it doesn't feel like you are driving a mobile death machine powered by dinosaurs. I went looking for my first new car and every car I tried within my price range ($11,000-$16,000) felt as if I wasn't driving a metal beast of death and decay that I actually became bored while driving it and found myself looking around the car, messing with radio stations and in general not paying attention to the road.

    So are newer cars actually safer? I vote yes. New cars are in fact safer, but so many people only learn the basics of driving and are distracted by all the features of their cars/trucks or other things that they just forget that they could kill themselves, so my overall vote is no.

    Posted by: Riah
  • Depends, but not all.

    Newer cars are just as prone to be as dangerous as older cars. Just because it is newer, does not make it safer. Now this isn't the case for all new cars, as some of them are actually pretty safe. There's always going to be those occasional outliers and those ones tend to stick out from the rest of the pack. However, I don't believe so. New cars to me are the same as old cars, just with newer technology.

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